6th and 7th


Unfortunately I am full of cold and feeling very sorry for myself. My eyes hurt and I’ve avoided my laptop as much as possible! Sorry..

On Sunday we ended up staying at home. The weather was rancid down here in ‘Sunny’ Cornwall. We watched Flubber in the morning, absolute Robin Williams classic and then had an afternoon catching up on Dr Who. It was really lush having a chilled out day at home. After a late night on Saturday I think everyone appreciated a calmer day. We also had our own band concert that evening and we needed the kids to be on top form. The concert started about 7 and we got home just after 9. Felt like it lasted so much longer than that at the time haha!! We got home put the kids straight to bed and we stayed up and chatted till stupid o’clock. This is something Mike and I are very good at.

Body Shop advent calendar had one of those bath net sponge thingys in. I’m not sure what the official name is. Bath scrub?

Yesterday after the school run I came home and had a huge tidy. Gave everything a good scrub and started to wash everyone’s bedding. Managed to do a lot of sorting in Flo’s room making way for Christmas. I felt very smug with myself. The house smelt and looked great! We had a bit of a mishap come 4pm.. Mike was supposed to be home to take Tom to swimming but was stuck in North Cornwall in bad traffic, baby sitter had let us down and we were supposed to both be at band for an important chat! It all got sorted in the end and I can’t quite do it justice how stressed out I felt. I’d also been told some tragic news that afternoon that was not helping the mood. Mike stayed home with Flo and I went to band. Turned out for the best anyway as I had to have a private chat with the committee and I’ve decided to take my band maternity leave after the big concert coming up this weekend! YAY!

The gift in my advent calendar was a Vitamin E toner! I am very very excited for this.

I’m starting to realise how boring my life is haha! Thank you for reading.

Amy x



5th December


Today was a much better day! The kids woke up nice and early.. Standard when you were unable to fall asleep until 3am. I woke up in a much better mood. Think it really helps when Mike is home. Silly I know when he has to work but it’s always nice to fall asleep next to each other and wake up next to each other.

Myself and Flo had a morning at home doing a few chores while the boys went and did sports! When they got back Mike and I practiced trombone for a good hour. After that we had to feed his mum’s cat! We picked up pasty’s and headed to Porthleven to visit my grandparents. Flo had a birthday party at 430 so I headed to that with my sister in law. After the party Mike decided we should go and watch a Christmas brass band concert! We just can’t stay away haha! We didn’t get home too late so we all ended up having a bacon sandwich before bed. As anyone would do at 9pm.

I mentioned yesterday that I had gotten an eyeliner in my Body Shop advent calendar. I had a full face of make up today and tried it for the first time. It wasn’t the blackest black and didn’t sit great on my lower water line. On the top lash line it looked great and the pay off was a lot better! I’m not going to write it off yet. Will give it a good week before I make a final judgement. Today in the calendar I got a Fuji Green Tea body wash and it smells divine!

Tomorrow we have no plans apart from a big tidy up and our own Christmas concert so it may be more of a 33 week pregnancy update.

Thank you for your time!

Amy x

4th December


Another pretty uneventful day! I think the most exciting part was painting my nails haha! I thought I was doing a lovely dark blue and took 2 nails to realise that it was infact black. Don’t get me wrong as far as blacks go its a great quality one. I used Nails Inc New York Noir. You’d think by the name I would’ve been able to work it out. Tiredness is starting to kick in. To make it slightly more festive I am going to go over the top with a sparkly coat. Maybe 3 layers of sparkle.

Flo didn’t have a great day at school which I found soul destroying when I collected her. Because she was off yesterday she missed out on a party invitation. When I picked her up she asked me if I could talk to the little girls mum but unfortunately she’d already gone. I hate seeing her upset. Starting to think I shouldn’t have sent her back today. It’s hard sometimes to know the right thing to do. School is so important I know but her teacher commented on how she wasn’t herself. What a terrible mummy I am :( Was already having a down day and this just felt like a massive kick in the face.

I spent the morning doing life admin. Very boring. Very mundane but it’s super important I make the effort at least once a month haha! I had every intention of taking the kids to Porthleven after school but unfortunately plans had to be changed. As it happens the fireworks we were going to go and watch were cancelled so I was glad I didn’t make the hour round trip over there. I’m at home on my own with the kids tonight. Something I am getting more and more used too. Find it weird the times Mike is actually at home! I have told him not to bother with Christmas or Birthday presents all I want is to spend solid quality time with him and the kids, not too much to ask I didn’t think? The kids are always exhausted on a Friday so they went to bed pretty early. I’m waiting for “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here” and then I shall be off to bed too.

Favourite of the blog! Advent calendar reveal.. It was an eyeliner! I am super pumped about this. Flo and I sniffed the box yesterday and I guessed eyeliner. I could smell the wood of the pencil. I am looking forward to doing my make up with it tomorrow. I’ve got a pretty full on day of visiting people and I want to look like I’ve really got my s**t together. Not that I’m running on 3 hours sleep and finding it hard to function. I will report back tomorrow and let you know if I managed to fool anyone!

Thank you for your time!

Amy x


3rd December


So so sorry this post is late. I had a poorly Flo home from school and she just consumed my day. I only managed to shower and get dressed after lunch. Had to do the dishes in stages! She’s made it to school this morning though.. Just. We did have some tears but with the promise of opening her advent calendar off she went happy as Larry!

In my beauty calendar I got The Shea Body Butter and it smells divine! We like to guess what the next day is going to be and I thought the 3rd was a strawberry hand cream.. Turns out I was smelling the wrong box haha!

It is now the 4th. I’ve woken up with high anxiety and just feeling really low. I’m going to try and get some life admin done today but will update later! It may be late but will be up tonight.

Thank you for your time.

Amy x


2nd December


Today has been slightly more eventful. Started off with the usual school run. Never my favourite part of the day but Flo loves in and I just need to accept that my little girl is growing up! After the school run I went to work with Mike, he only had to pop in for 5 minutes and it meant we had the morning together as it was a bit of a way in the car. I also had to get Flo brown leggings and a couple of Mum’s from school mentioned they spotted some in Matalan which is about 2 minutes away from where Mike was working! Perfect.

The Health Visitor had scheduled to come over at 1 so I wanted to make sure the house was spotless. I always worry they’ll be super judgemental. She turned out to be really lovely. Very much a hippy but she was really great. Massively reassuring about so much. We had a very in depth chat about breastfeeding and she made me feel really positive about it all. Mike found her hilarious! She just didn’t stop talking and not everything she was talking about was relevant to the baby haha! Ended up talking about tax.. She left really late which meant I was slightly late leaving to get Flo. As it happens I got to school in record time and ended up soaking!

Mike is away for the night so it gave myself and Flo some quality girl time together. I caved and we put the Christmas tree up! I’ve got to be honest it was really special having that time just me and Flo together. Some quality mummy daughter time. I know when the baby comes it’ll be harder to fit in so really making the most of it now. She’s very proud of the tree so I will give you all a peek.


Now what you’ve all been waiting for! Day 2 of my advent calendar! Today I got a miniature Vitamin E moisturiser. If you are a regular to my post you’ll know this is my all time favourite. I intend on having sort through my handbag (one of my top jobs I love to do) and this will definitely be living in there from then on. My skin gets super dry in the winter and this will give it instant relief.


Right I am off to watch as many Vlogmas videos as I can stay awake for and catch up on “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” Hope you’ve all had a great day.

Amy x

1st December


Can’t believe December is finally here! Yes! Although myself and Flo have been singing Christmas songs since mid November I feel like I can get away sing them more publicly now and not get the death glare. The decorations will be coming out very soon. Possibly tomorrow after the school run in the afternoon.. Trying my best to hold out till the weekend but it’s turning out to be a pretty busy one.

Today has been a pretty empty day. I went into full on Christmas mode this morning and I’ve written out all my Christmas cards and wrapped more presents. I also ordered a sneaky one for someone very special. I had a day at home to get some admin stuff done and only ventured outside to pick the kids up from school. In all honesty I am finding the cold is really getting too me. I’m frozen standing out in the playground. Purposely left later today to avoid the cold but was still there 15 minutes early!

Something very exciting did happen to me this morning.. I have been saving the best till last. Mike told me on Sunday he wanted to make me breakfast and bed and he would do the school run. Who was I to argue with that?! So this morning at 7:30 he came upstairs with pastries, a banana and a glass of blackcurrant. Yummy!! Lucky me. He also had Flo’s advent calendar for her to open, the one my mum had got for me and Mike to share and a surprise one. He’d surprised me with The Body Shop Beauty calendar! Totally speechless! Such a nice thing for him to do. Because now I’ve actually got one I’ve decided as part of the Blogmas I would do a reveal of what I got in my calendar. It is a thing of beauty! I don’t think I’ll be able to throw it away in January.




Today I got a Frosted Cranberry Shimmer Lotion. It smells divine! I was unsure what I would use this for but I tested it out today after I had a wash. I put a little on my arms and it looks like I’m magical! It’s not at all over powering and gives me a healthy Christmassy sparkle. I love it! I don’t have any Christmas parties this year but if I get invited to a last minute one this will be the perfect product to really get me in that party mood.

FullSizeRender (4)

Thanks for your time!! Back tomorrow!

Amy x



Just a little announcement post! A lot of the big beauty gurus will be doing Vlogmas but as I don’t do videos I have decided to do Blogmas! Every day in December I will be blogging. Woo! Some posts will be long and some will be considerably shorter. I have so much planned for December so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some cracking content. If I have a particularly dull day I will do a normal blog post. Like “Face of the Day” but I’m hoping it’ll be more of a dairy kind of thing. It’s quite the commitment but I am super excited about it. It’ll be nice for you guys to see what a day in the life of a housewife is like but also I’ll have something to look back at over the next couple of years. I will be doing baby prep and they will be posts on their own with little snippets of what else I may have done that day.

Thanks for your time!

Amy x

31 Weeks


Slightly late with this post but it is for a good reason! I had the Midwife today and wanted to wait until that in case she told me anything of massive interest. It was pretty routine to be fair so I probably could’ve have written this earlier.. Sorry. She did let me know that baby is 2cm big at the moment but 2cms isn’t anything to worry about at this stage. When I lay on the bed to have my tummy felt you could see where he was lying without even have to feel him. I had a student midwife in the room who was very nice, even though she was a little nervous, she had a go at doing all the routine checks and then the midwife had a go just so the student was aware if she’d done it right or not! Baby is head down. Sat nicely on my pelvic bone making. I’m pretty sure the midwife had hold of his head at some point! I do find her quite rough but I suppose with my extra laying of chub she has to be haha! In all fairness though I’ve hardly gained any weight. In fact I’ve lost some chub and just gained baby and placenta!

I’ve noticed a few changes in my body and my mood. I’m aching all over. I wake up most nights at 3am and it feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach. I mentioned this today and they said it’s where he is lying and most of his movements will be in that area. I knew he was head down before they even told me in all honesty. When I walk I can feel him sat there making it very hard going. I am very breathless. I’m finding playing in the band hard work but I refuse to leave until I really have too. I’m not harming the baby or myself so I don’t see why I should have too. Trips to the toilet are still as frequent as ever and I find in the band room when I stand up I get very sympathetic looks from everyone.

I spoke to a special Perinatal nurse who has decided it would be a good idea if myself, Mike, the midwife and her all sit and have a meeting to discuss a birth plan. She wants to make sure I feel as in control as I can be and that the levels of anxiety are minimal. I really would like to go to the birthing centre but I’m afraid something will go wrong and I’ll end up blue lighted in an ambulance! The birth centre is about 25 minutes the other way and the hospital is about 40 minutes from there but they can do it in a lot less time full speed with the blues and lights on! This is something that’ll be discussed at the 34 week appointment.

I’ve booked in with Mike this weekend to start sorting the baby stuff! Finally got a little space to squeeze in some prep time. The lead up to Christmas is looking hectic so I’m using as much free time up to prepare as possible. As baby is measuring big I want to make sure I am completely sorted with hospital bags before New Years Eve. I don’t want to find out I have to be induced and then not be able to get any extra bits because of the crazy Christmas rush. I am desperate to get the pram and crib ready. Won’t pick up the pram till January though. When we actually have space.

I’ve got to be honest. I am not afraid of labour. I’ve done it before with a back to back baby. I know it’ll hurt. I am fully aware of the pain! I’ve done my best to stay as active as possible as I am a firm believer it’ll make labour easier going! What I am a bit worried about is afterwards. The dip in mood, the bleeding, lack of sleep and general change in lifestyle! I’m only going to allow immediate family and our closets friends for the first week and then we’ll send out an open invitation for everyone else. My grandparents don’t drive at the moment so we will go and visit them for sure. Hopefully as soon as a couple of days. My mum may be able to drop them off but I have steps to my house and would hate for anyone to trip! Flo was born on a Saturday morning which was lush because it meant we had a whole weekend and all my family were off work!

Thank you for reading! I hope these pregnancy updates are interesting for you all.

Amy x



December is fast approaching and it is by far my favourite month of the year! Not only is it my birthday month but it is also Christmas. Woohoo! I love everything about it. The weather, yes even the rain, the coldness, the kids getting time off school, pressure family time, Christmas cake, all sorts of other indulgent food and the Christmas songs and movies. November for me is one big obstacle that I have to get over in order to enjoy the Christmas stuff. I am a pain for peaking to early and ruining the carols by the time December comes around. Last year December wasn’t great for me. I was unwell and was unsure of how I was going to ever get better but this year for the sake of everyone I’m doing my best to make it THE BEST month of the year!

I have so much planned over the next 5ish weeks. Being in a brass band means you start Christmas a lot earlier then everyone else and this suits me to a T. Not everyone would enjoy it but I flipping love it. Mike starts carolling tonight (he has told me at 7 months pregnant he doesn’t want me hanging around a pub at 930pm which is fair enough) and I officially start next Saturday. YES! It’s only in our local supermarket but for me a brass band really gets everyone in the mood for a bit of festive cheer. We have a couple of big concerts the weekends leading up to Christmas as well which help time go so much faster. The kids don’t break up from school till the 18th, I think, so a lot of things planned with them are happening at the weekends. It gets pretty busy this time of year for me and my little family. My mum also loves Christmas so she has made some plans as well for us all to join in on.

Christmas Activities we have planned are-

  • Brass Banding and lots of it!
  • Flo has 3 birthday parties to go too
  • Mike’s Dad’s birthday meal
  • School plays and Carol services
  • Christmas lights tour- When I was young we used to do this on my birthday after a meal at the meadery. The tradition died out when I got older and didn’t think it was cool anymore. Mike and I did it last year and we’d love to do it as a regular thing with all the kids.
  • Baking and crafts day- I found some templates of Christmas cards online to print off and the kids colour in to give to grandparents. Not sure what we will bake yet.
  • Movie and game night- We’ve decided to start a game tournament. I no doubt will be on Flo’s team but it’ll still be a great victory WHEN we win together haha
  • Seeing Father Christmas on the old railway- A tradition my family has done since Flo and my nephew were born. I am so excited to take Tom and Mike on the adventure this year. It makes me really emotional..
  • Special tea at Mum’s house- This isn’t something she’s done before but after the railway she wanted to do something special with everyone. My grandparents are unable to come to the site of the railway but we are hoping they’ll come up for tea.
  • Rogue Theatre- I don’t think this is a definite yet but we’d all really like too. It’s in the woods and I know people are nervous I’ll trip or slip. Mike may end up having to carry me around.
  • Christmas Farmers Market

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something but that’s still a lot of things to cram into the month! I’ve also set myself the task of being ready for the baby before the end of December.

Christmas Eve I think the plan is to pop in to see Mike’s parents late afternoon and give them their presents to open on Christmas day. I know for sure we are heading to my Mum’s for tea. We used to all hang out with at my grandparents but there is far too many of us now to fit into their pristine bungalow. We’ll trash my Mum and stepdad’s house instead.. 😉 We won’t be home late as I can’t stand being the only one up at 6am, need Flo to be on top form for a busy day. Christmas Day we will wake up in our own home and open presents here. Will probably head to my Mum’s about 10 maybe 1030 with the dog in tow of course. Eating lunch there but will have to leave by 330ish so we can go and get Tom from his Mum’s. We’ll come home then so he can open his presents and we’ll no doubt devour a box of biscuits for tea! On Boxing Day Mike is going to watch a big local rugby match so I’m going to spend the day sat in front of the fire in my pyjamas at my Mum’s with the kids, I am super excited about this. My Mum’s house is definitely my safe place. She’ll hopefully have lots of yummy food for me to stuff my face with. The 27th is Mike’s 30th and my 24th! I have no idea what we’ll do in the day. I expect we will end up taking to dog for a long walk and just having a bit of a slob day. Doesn’t happen too often these days! The evening we have a meal booked into the meadery (if you don’t know what a meadery is its a medieval restaurant, you eat with your chicken with your fingers basically but it is the most incredible chicken and the garlic mayonnaise is fricking insane) I think there is about 30 people going. Some of whom are family and some mutual friends. I can’t wait! New Years Eve is a bit of a nothing to me.. I know argh I admitted it. Last year I didn’t even get the midnight kiss from Mike he was too busy dancing! We’ll go to the party in the band room. Mike has to be super careful how much he drinks though as I could go into labour any day from the 1st.

Christmas time is really special to me. Not only do I get to spend quality time with the kids but also with the rest of family. We all have busy lives now so it’s really important for me to make the extra special effort. It’s also a slightly sad time of year for us all. We’ve lost a lot of people over the years and had a lot of hardship to contend with, as do so many of us, and we use Christmas to reflect on this so often. It doesn’t have to be sad all the time. My Granny always remembers my Auntie’s last Christmas and how she said it was her best Christmas ever surrounded by all of her family. Make it special. Make time for people you don’t get to see as often as you’d like.

I also want to add that if Christmas isn’t a happy time for you don’t suffer alone. This Morning had a feature about people who spend Christmas alone. It’s worth checking it out. One thing they did mention was to Google Christmas lunch in your area. You’ll be amazed how many good Samaritans hold lunches for people on their own.

I’d love to know what traditions you and yours have around this time of year.

Thanks for your time

Amy x