I am a prime of example of someone who gets distracted by everything.. Since I was young I was also told off for being distracted. I used to have to take post it notes from one end of the house to the other so I remembered what I was supposed to be doing! It may sound like I lived in a mansion but, in fact, I lived in a beautiful 4 bed bungalow haha!!! What I’m trying to say is I’ve been so distracted I have not had the thought to blog.

There is actually a point to this post.. We are moving!! I have moved loads of times over the last 7ish years but this one is particularly exciting. NO.. Really bloody exciting. This time it is a house that Mike owns. For me, this means I can paint and decorate how ever I want too! Interior design is something I absolutely love but I’m no pro so it’ll be super exciting experimenting and trying to get things right. The kids are super excited and all we’ve had for the past 6 weeks is “do we move this weekend?!” Our last night in our current home is the 30th June. We won’t be able to sleep in the new house until the 3rd July. Lots to move and things to paint.

I have got mood boards for every room and have sat down with the kids to make sure I’ve got things for each of them that they like. Rupert was gifted some lovely things when he was born that we haven’t been able to put up. Flo and Thomas will no longer be sharing a room. Flo was a bit upset about not being in with Rupert at first but I think the prospect of having her own room and being able to have friends stay over cheered her up. She’s got the smallest room but that won’t matter for her too much as she tends to bring anything she wants to play with downstairs to be close to us all. I will be doing posts about each room and the tranformstions but at the moment I’m unsure how to format them! We’ve even ordered new sofas! We went shopping in IKEA on Saturday. Got loads of great things for the house and looked at the bigger things we want to order online.

This is such a huge thing for our family. It’s the start of better things. Mike worked so hard to make this house a home and I’m excited to share it with him and the babies.


Thank you!

Amy xx


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