I was foolish to think that I could manage to blog for 31 days.. Christmas for me is a bit of an emotional time and I just thought the blog would be an amazing distraction. Boy was I wrong!?!? It’s just one of those things where lots of emotions fly all over the place and I can’t keep up with it all. I absolutely loved having Flo at home with me. I really struggled when she went back to school! It made me sad for like 2 days. She loves it so I was just being really selfish. We also got to spend some quality time together as a family which was all I really wanted for Christmas. I don’t even want to talk about my birthday but I will say we enjoyed a delicious meal with friends and family. I was lucky enough to be gifted some amazing things. My mum got me Benefit make up, brother and sister in law got me a new Cath Kidston Wallet, my sister got me an adult colouring book which was at the very top of my wish list haha! And I was super lucky that my best friend (who happens to be a hair dresser) gave me a voucher to have my hair cut, coloured and blow dried!! I have very thick long hair and I know how much time and product it takes her so I was a total emotional wreck! I cried into my chicken haha!!


We visited the Newlyn Meadery. It is my all time favourite place to eat. You eat with your hands and rip your food apart like a proper animal! I’m not even sure why there is a fork there haha!!! Looking at this picture makes me drool. It was amazing. A little pricey so it really is a treat to go as we don’t go hardly ever. The kids have both asked to go for their birthdays! Time to start saving haha!


This is the only picture I can really share, but, I feel as though this one really sums up the excitement Flo had all day!! She really was an angel all day. She was so appreciative of everything she was given.

New hair

My beautiful hair. I am naturally blonde but the blonde is enhanced ha! I had been toying with the idea of having the coloured ombre. Initially I wanted pale green but everyone said I’d look mouldy. When I got to my friends house in the morning she said to me she had some purple in her kit so we went for it! It’s basically a layer of purple. Flo was over the moon! It’s actually quite subtle.


Now Christmas and Birthday is out the way I’ve really focused on baby. We had our whole house redecorated and did a lot of shuffling around to make space for everything. I stayed with my mum for a few days and whilst I was there my Step Dad got the pram chassis, car seat and carry cot down from the attic for me. Flo and I spent about 3 hours building it and pushing it around the house!! I brought it home with me from my Mum’s and it is now sitting proudly and ready to go in my front room! It’s actually driving me mad. It’s torture. I can’t wait to get my boy in it and show him off to the world. I am now 39+2 and I have to be honest the struggle is real.. I’ve hardly done the school run but I’m doing my best to keep as active as possible. I am terrified of going into labour when I’m out and about, yes I know that’s silly but in Cornwall phone signal is rubbish and knowing my luck I’d end up giving birth in Tesco toilets! I’m starting to turn into ‘that pregnant mum’ at school. People keep touching my belly and asking me when I’m popping him out.. Someone asked me the other day if I’d had him yet, please picture this, I’m rocking the pregnancy waddle, have a big belly, no pram in site and also not even carrying a baby.. I told him I had him last night and decided to leave him at home out the cold.. Said he couldn’t do any harm to himself. He can’t even hold his head up. Yes ok rude but also COME ON!! He caught me on a bad day. Normally I just laugh and say “Not yet” and mutter some swear words under my breath (out of ear shot of any children) We had a false labour a week ago and honestly it was so deflating. Thought my waters had gone and contractions had started. A horrible midwife looked me over, did a special test and then came back into the room, threw my notes on the bed, told me I wasn’t in labour and off she went! I cried the whole way home like a total wimp. It did give us a great chance for a practice run! I’ve got midwife on Wednesday when I’ll be 39+4. I’m not sure what she’ll do to be honest. Probably just check blood pressure, position of baby and bump size. Not sure what it’s like anywhere else but they won’t let you have a stretch and sweep if you’ve had an easy pregnancy and they don’t see any risks of you going over until you are 41 weeks. The thought of giving birth doesn’t scare me. I’ve done it before.. What I am nervous about is life with a newborn. Not necessarily the lack of sleep or the having a baby attached to you 24/7 but more the family life. It’s hard to explain if I’m honest. I’m worried how we’ll all adapt as a family of 5! AH!

Hopefully my next post will be a baby announcement post!! Fingers crossed!

Thank you for your time!

Amy x



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