13th December


I take my hat off to daily bloggers/vloggers. I just don’t know how they do it. I just lose track of time! Sunday was insanely busy. I had to get to my friends little boys party early to help with the party food. I got there just before 10 and Mike took the kids and Henry to my Mum’s. We were super late and I get stressed when we are late so my mood was rock bottom. Mike came back with the kids when the party actually started. We left early because we had a family thing to get too! This has got to be one of my favourite traditions.. We go and see Santa on an old railway line. It’s magical and the kids love it just as much as the adults! After this my mum had sorted everyone tea back at her house so we had about 20 people piled into my mum’s bungalow! Good job its big.

Myself and Mike had a band concert at 630 so we left the kids with my mum and we headed off to that. It was hard going. I really struggled with breathing. We were supposed to stand up at one point and I just couldn’t! So I hid behind the curtain haha! I managed to stand for the last bar of the piece which was a victory managing it without wetting myself or my waters breaking. Someone in the band stood up and did a little speech saying thanks and good luck but I couldn’t hear him. I was gutted. People kept talking over the top of him.

I’ve got a confession to make.. I had been opening the wrong numbers on the advent calendar.. How I managed it I do not know! I will have to double check which days was what. I think opening them at 7am with no light on didn’t help haha!

Thank you for your time!

Amy x


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