12th December


Today has definitely been more eventful. I actually ventured further than Tesco haha! Flo and I had a bit of Mummy and Flo time. We went to spend the morning and some of the afternoon with a friend of mine and her children. Every year since the girls have been born we’ve made salt dough decorations so this is an annual thing. Arts and crafts stress me out. I’m not the most artistic and my fingers very rarely do what I want them too! The girls loved it though. That’s the main thing. Below are the finished decorations that Flo made..


After we left my friends house we went to see my grandparents. We were only there for about an hour and a half but they’d had a really busy day and were super tired. We played bowls in the kitchen and ate quality streets.. Bliss! We then went up to my mum’s for half an hour just to have a catch up with her. Mike text to say he’d pick us up pizza and it’d be ready by 5:30 so I had to make sure I was back by then. Pretty much as soon as we had tea Mike left to go to band! Hardly seen him today but I’ve loved having a day with my bub! While I was out Mike had fixed the crib for me. This caused great excitement for myself and Flo and we couldn’t resist having a play and seeing what his bed would look like all made up. I freaked myself out a bit looking down into his crib. Any time from the 1st January we could have a tiny baby to look after ah! Made me realise I need to stop procrastinating and crack on. I’m hoping next Saturday me and Mike can get lots sorted. Mainly making space. Here’s a little sneaky peek at the crib! It’ll all have to be taken off and washed but it’s still cute.


I’m going to write a list now of what needs to be done and send it on to Mike. I slept a lot better last night but the tiredness is getting pretty bad again! When he’s back from I expect we’ll catch up properly and then I will head to bed. Like the old woman I am! Got a hellishly busy day tomorrow so I need an early night. Before I forget my Body Shop gift was a hand cream! Love it when I’m right haha!

Thank you for reading!

Amy x


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