11th December


Well.. I’ve finally caught up with myself. I’m sorry its a lot to read in one day but I was starting to struggle remembering what I’ve been doing! Everything turns into one big memory!

This morning we all woke up super late. I’m not sure how Mike managed to get the kids to school on time. Everyone was exhausted after the carol concert the night before. I decided that I wanted another day of spring cleaning. Nesting has well and truly kicked in and I will not be happy until my house is decluttered and bleached from top to bottom. While doing the dishes I all of a sudden came over super dizzy, hearing went and my eyes were all fuzzy. Managed to get hold of Mike but all I remember is then being woken up with water being poured on my head! Was on the kitchen floor.. My blood pressure is low even when I’m not pregnant so I know what’s causing it but it’s still scary! Mike helped me onto the sofa and then he left for work!! I stayed on the sofa for about 2┬áhours while my head got back to normal. I managed to finish the kitchen but I couldn’t bring myself to do anything else. Mike also collected the kids from school for me to save me the journey out and about.

The furthest I’ve been today is Tesco and that’s about 2 minutes away from my house. We had the most amazing curry for a fiver! Had 2 curries, a big pilau rice, 4 onion bhajis, and it was supposed to be 2 naan breads but we ended up with 3. Picked up a lucky box! I also picked up magnums because they were on offer too. Super excited to tuck into them in a minute! Well one I’ll just have the one.

Mike is heading off to work for an hour soon and I’m going to go to bed. I did not sleep at all last night and I’m tired, teasy and emotional today for it. I kept waking up with Mike lying on me.. Or him trying to pull the duvet over our faces. He must’ve been having horrible dreams or something because he was nuts in the night! I must be honest I am so excited for sleep. Got the busiest weekend this weekend. Me and Flo are spending tomorrow with my friend and her daughters in Porthleven and Sunday is a super special day which I intend on taking a 1000 photos of! I’m actually feeling exhausted thinking about the weekend haha! It’s mainly the thought of driving I am hating. Need to make sure I’m in a better mood for the weekend so hoping I sleep well tonight. I cannot wait for next Friday. Last day of school.. Lie ins for everyone! Well apart from Mike but I shall my little Floflo for company!

My advent gift was another soap. I also don’t know the smell of this one but it’s lush. I’ll be saving this one too. I’m guessing tomorrows is a hand cream given the clue is about “having a helping hand this winter” I’m loving this calendar thing! Like a mini gift everyday and I love miniatures!!

Thank you for your time.

Amy x




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