10th December


Thought I’d better catch up on everything while I was still awake.. Well I’m just about with it haha!

I’ve got to be totally honest. I’m really struggling to remember what I did yesterday. How awful is that?! Mike took Flo to school for me as I’m still full of cold and feeling pathetic. I’m really struggling to sleep so anything other than homey days are a bit of a no go. I’m 34 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I have to be completely honest with you all I feel bloody awful. I am feeling like a whale. He’s head down and his feet are sitting nicely in my ribcage. OUCH! His movements feel pretty aggressive now. I know he isn’t doing it to hurt me I’ve just convinced myself he’s going to be a big boy. Sometimes I have to gently tap his feet to make him shift out of my ribcage. We had Tom’s carol service last night and I really struggled to sing the carols! I couldn’t breath! Got my last band concert on Sunday and I’m not 100% I’m going to be able to do it without keeling over from lack of oxygen haha! Luckily I have Mike in the same section as me so if I need to run off stage he can cover my part or he can pick me up if I go down like a sack. I’m pretty sad to be finishing band. It’s where me and Mike met and fell in love but at the same time I know it’s the safest option for baby and me. I’m going to do a couple of more carolling things coming up but they are pretty informal and I’ll be able to stop and pass the part onto Mike if I need too.

I had a lot of people making enquiries about The Body Shop orders but as I was out and about I had a lot of catching up to do when I got it. I had to help a couple of people choose gifts and I had to research what a discontinued colour had been replaced with if replaced at all! I ended up going to bed pretty late. In my calendar I got a little heart soap! I have no idea what the smell is but it smells amazing. I’m going to save it though for a weekend away or something. It’s only little and I don’t want it to sit in the shower and just be wasted.

Thank you guys. Hope you are all enjoying these posts!

Amy x


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