9th December


I’m getting totally lost when it comes to remembering what day it is! Everything has started to murge into one.

Yesterday was Flo’s Christmas production. Straight after dropping her off we went into the hall. Apparently she chose to be a hen.. Who am I to judge?! She featured twice. First time was walking around the manger pretending to lay an egg. 2nd time was to sing a solo!! The first verse of ‘Away in a Manger’ I cried. I am so proud of her. After intense speech therapy she has come so far. Not long ago she wouldn’t even say hello to anyone let alone perform for 100 people! She as flawless. Had parents and teachers telling me how great she us. That night she wanted sweet and sour chicken for her special tea so that is what we had. I also picked her up a jewellery ┬ámaking set, sweets and new moshi monsters!

She went to bed relatively early and Mike and I watched a film :) just a nice chilled out evening! I’m really struggling with tiredness at the minute and I have to be honest I fell asleep writing this last night! Argh! Hurry up holidays.

My gift in the body shop calendar was an Elderflower eye cream. Mike had to pop out to work for an hour so I had a mini pamper session with all body shop products. I smelt divine and my skin was so soft! Will do a proper post on it all ASAP!

Thank you!

Amy x


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