8th December


I am still full of cold. It seems to be worse today. Sore eyes is making doing anything on the laptop hard work and today has been a day of being glued to it! Looking forward to climbing into bed and catching up on Vlogmas. Will have to turn the screen brightness right down haha!

I did the school run this morning. It was absolutely Baltic! Flo was a bit tearful going in. She’s not really understanding the whole Christmas card thing. Some children are handing them out in the playground while they wait to go in and others put them in a little hand made post box in the classroom. She was sad because a little boy had given one to one of her best friends but not her.. Turns out he gets bored writing more than 2 at a time and is making his way through a list haha! When I explained this Flo wouldn’t listen but when another mum did she stopped crying instantly.. Rascal!

After the school run I came home and did nothing :) I just needed a couple of hours of calm and quiet. I had to go to the bank and Mike needed to pick up a part for his work so I ended up tagging along with him just so I wasn’t stuck indoors for too long. I get a bit of cabin fever. I also went and got us pasties for lunch! I couldn’t taste it but I’m sure it was good. We picked the kids up and came home as Mike’s parents wanted to pop over to see everyone because they had been on holiday for 2 weeks. They bought the kids the most amazing Turkish gifts. Flo got an authentic belly dancer outfit and I had a really struggle convincing her to take it off at bed time. They didn’t stay for long but it was still lovely to see them. I’m very lucky they treat Flo as their own. Mike went out for the evening while Tom was at Cubs and Flo ended up having an early night ready for her Christmas play tomorrow!

Something very exciting happened for me today.. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this at all yet.. I became a Body Shop Kit Consultant today! Basically I will be able to host parties and take orders from people. I can do it all from home and will be able to work it around the kids and having a tiny new baby. I’ve got to be completely honest. It would not have been possible without Mike. I’m a genuinely really shy and struggle to reach out to people so he gave me a very gentle nudge to start working for myself doing something I love with products I love. I am so unbelievably lucky to have him backing me the whole way supporting me on this new venture. I know he’ll read this so I’m not going to big him up too much. Don’t want his head to get too big. Talking of Body Shop in my advent calendar I got eyelash curlers!! So chuffed with them. I recently lost mine and was too stingy to buy more haha! Glad I didn’t to be honest.

Anyway, I could sit here rambling on for hours. I need to go and sleep off this rancid cold.

Night.. Thanks for reading.

Amy x



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