Just a little announcement post! A lot of the big beauty gurus will be doing Vlogmas but as I don’t do videos I have decided to do Blogmas! Every day in December I will be blogging. Woo! Some posts will be long and some will be considerably shorter. I have so much planned for December so I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some cracking content. If I have a particularly dull day I will do a normal blog post. Like “Face of the Day” but I’m hoping it’ll be more of a dairy kind of thing. It’s quite the commitment but I am super excited about it. It’ll be nice for you guys to see what a day in the life of a housewife is like but also I’ll have something to look back at over the next couple of years. I will be doing baby prep and they will be posts on their own with little snippets of what else I may have done that day.

Thanks for your time!

Amy x

31 Weeks


Slightly late with this post but it is for a good reason! I had the Midwife today and wanted to wait until that in case she told me anything of massive interest. It was pretty routine to be fair so I probably could’ve have written this earlier.. Sorry. She did let me know that baby is 2cm big at the moment but 2cms isn’t anything to worry about at this stage. When I lay on the bed to have my tummy felt you could see where he was lying without even have to feel him. I had a student midwife in the room who was very nice, even though she was a little nervous, she had a go at doing all the routine checks and then the midwife had a go just so the student was aware if she’d done it right or not! Baby is head down. Sat nicely on my pelvic bone making. I’m pretty sure the midwife had hold of his head at some point! I do find her quite rough but I suppose with my extra laying of chub she has to be haha! In all fairness though I’ve hardly gained any weight. In fact I’ve lost some chub and just gained baby and placenta!

I’ve noticed a few changes in my body and my mood. I’m aching all over. I wake up most nights at 3am and it feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach. I mentioned this today and they said it’s where he is lying and most of his movements will be in that area. I knew he was head down before they even told me in all honesty. When I walk I can feel him sat there making it very hard going. I am very breathless. I’m finding playing in the band hard work but I refuse to leave until I really have too. I’m not harming the baby or myself so I don’t see why I should have too. Trips to the toilet are still as frequent as ever and I find in the band room when I stand up I get very sympathetic looks from everyone.

I spoke to a special Perinatal nurse who has decided it would be a good idea if myself, Mike, the midwife and her all sit and have a meeting to discuss a birth plan. She wants to make sure I feel as in control as I can be and that the levels of anxiety are minimal. I really would like to go to the birthing centre but I’m afraid something will go wrong and I’ll end up blue lighted in an ambulance! The birth centre is about 25 minutes the other way and the hospital is about 40 minutes from there but they can do it in a lot less time full speed with the blues and lights on! This is something that’ll be discussed at the 34 week appointment.

I’ve booked in with Mike this weekend to start sorting the baby stuff! Finally got a little space to squeeze in some prep time. The lead up to Christmas is looking hectic so I’m using as much free time up to prepare as possible. As baby is measuring big I want to make sure I am completely sorted with hospital bags before New Years Eve. I don’t want to find out I have to be induced and then not be able to get any extra bits because of the crazy Christmas rush. I am desperate to get the pram and crib ready. Won’t pick up the pram till January though. When we actually have space.

I’ve got to be honest. I am not afraid of labour. I’ve done it before with a back to back baby. I know it’ll hurt. I am fully aware of the pain! I’ve done my best to stay as active as possible as I am a firm believer it’ll make labour easier going! What I am a bit worried about is afterwards. The dip in mood, the bleeding, lack of sleep and general change in lifestyle! I’m only going to allow immediate family and our closets friends for the first week and then we’ll send out an open invitation for everyone else. My grandparents don’t drive at the moment so we will go and visit them for sure. Hopefully as soon as a couple of days. My mum may be able to drop them off but I have steps to my house and would hate for anyone to trip! Flo was born on a Saturday morning which was lush because it meant we had a whole weekend and all my family were off work!

Thank you for reading! I hope these pregnancy updates are interesting for you all.

Amy x



December is fast approaching and it is by far my favourite month of the year! Not only is it my birthday month but it is also Christmas. Woohoo! I love everything about it. The weather, yes even the rain, the coldness, the kids getting time off school, pressure family time, Christmas cake, all sorts of other indulgent food and the Christmas songs and movies. November for me is one big obstacle that I have to get over in order to enjoy the Christmas stuff. I am a pain for peaking to early and ruining the carols by the time December comes around. Last year December wasn’t great for me. I was unwell and was unsure of how I was going to ever get better but this year for the sake of everyone I’m doing my best to make it THE BEST month of the year!

I have so much planned over the next 5ish weeks. Being in a brass band means you start Christmas a lot earlier then everyone else and this suits me to a T. Not everyone would enjoy it but I flipping love it. Mike starts carolling tonight (he has told me at 7 months pregnant he doesn’t want me hanging around a pub at 930pm which is fair enough) and I officially start next Saturday. YES! It’s only in our local supermarket but for me a brass band really gets everyone in the mood for a bit of festive cheer. We have a couple of big concerts the weekends leading up to Christmas as well which help time go so much faster. The kids don’t break up from school till the 18th, I think, so a lot of things planned with them are happening at the weekends. It gets pretty busy this time of year for me and my little family. My mum also loves Christmas so she has made some plans as well for us all to join in on.

Christmas Activities we have planned are-

  • Brass Banding and lots of it!
  • Flo has 3 birthday parties to go too
  • Mike’s Dad’s birthday meal
  • School plays and Carol services
  • Christmas lights tour- When I was young we used to do this on my birthday after a meal at the meadery. The tradition died out when I got older and didn’t think it was cool anymore. Mike and I did it last year and we’d love to do it as a regular thing with all the kids.
  • Baking and crafts day- I found some templates of Christmas cards online to print off and the kids colour in to give to grandparents. Not sure what we will bake yet.
  • Movie and game night- We’ve decided to start a game tournament. I no doubt will be on Flo’s team but it’ll still be a great victory WHEN we win together haha
  • Seeing Father Christmas on the old railway- A tradition my family has done since Flo and my nephew were born. I am so excited to take Tom and Mike on the adventure this year. It makes me really emotional..
  • Special tea at Mum’s house- This isn’t something she’s done before but after the railway she wanted to do something special with everyone. My grandparents are unable to come to the site of the railway but we are hoping they’ll come up for tea.
  • Rogue Theatre- I don’t think this is a definite yet but we’d all really like too. It’s in the woods and I know people are nervous I’ll trip or slip. Mike may end up having to carry me around.
  • Christmas Farmers Market

I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something but that’s still a lot of things to cram into the month! I’ve also set myself the task of being ready for the baby before the end of December.

Christmas Eve I think the plan is to pop in to see Mike’s parents late afternoon and give them their presents to open on Christmas day. I know for sure we are heading to my Mum’s for tea. We used to all hang out with at my grandparents but there is far too many of us now to fit into their pristine bungalow. We’ll trash my Mum and stepdad’s house instead.. 😉 We won’t be home late as I can’t stand being the only one up at 6am, need Flo to be on top form for a busy day. Christmas Day we will wake up in our own home and open presents here. Will probably head to my Mum’s about 10 maybe 1030 with the dog in tow of course. Eating lunch there but will have to leave by 330ish so we can go and get Tom from his Mum’s. We’ll come home then so he can open his presents and we’ll no doubt devour a box of biscuits for tea! On Boxing Day Mike is going to watch a big local rugby match so I’m going to spend the day sat in front of the fire in my pyjamas at my Mum’s with the kids, I am super excited about this. My Mum’s house is definitely my safe place. She’ll hopefully have lots of yummy food for me to stuff my face with. The 27th is Mike’s 30th and my 24th! I have no idea what we’ll do in the day. I expect we will end up taking to dog for a long walk and just having a bit of a slob day. Doesn’t happen too often these days! The evening we have a meal booked into the meadery (if you don’t know what a meadery is its a medieval restaurant, you eat with your chicken with your fingers basically but it is the most incredible chicken and the garlic mayonnaise is fricking insane) I think there is about 30 people going. Some of whom are family and some mutual friends. I can’t wait! New Years Eve is a bit of a nothing to me.. I know argh I admitted it. Last year I didn’t even get the midnight kiss from Mike he was too busy dancing! We’ll go to the party in the band room. Mike has to be super careful how much he drinks though as I could go into labour any day from the 1st.

Christmas time is really special to me. Not only do I get to spend quality time with the kids but also with the rest of family. We all have busy lives now so it’s really important for me to make the extra special effort. It’s also a slightly sad time of year for us all. We’ve lost a lot of people over the years and had a lot of hardship to contend with, as do so many of us, and we use Christmas to reflect on this so often. It doesn’t have to be sad all the time. My Granny always remembers my Auntie’s last Christmas and how she said it was her best Christmas ever surrounded by all of her family. Make it special. Make time for people you don’t get to see as often as you’d like.

I also want to add that if Christmas isn’t a happy time for you don’t suffer alone. This Morning had a feature about people who spend Christmas alone. It’s worth checking it out. One thing they did mention was to Google Christmas lunch in your area. You’ll be amazed how many good Samaritans hold lunches for people on their own.

I’d love to know what traditions you and yours have around this time of year.

Thanks for your time

Amy x

Baby Prep – 1


While Mike was away working in France I saw it as the perfect opportunity to have a bit of a sort out. At first I had no idea where to start but while watching Jeremy Kyle one morning I had a great idea! I will probably spend the first few days on my sofa cooing over my new little baby. In our front room we have a set of plastic silver drawers that were basically filled with products I couldn’t bring myself to throw away. I decided to empty it out give it a clean and fill it with convenient baby items I may need. They are currently sat in the spot we’ve got eyed up for the pram to sit during the day. It’s also home to a filing cabinet at the minute but that will be moved very soon.. I hope!!

Drawer 1-


This drawer will contain nappies, spare muslins and a spare blanket. It’ll also have baby wipes in as well but I’ve only got 2 packets at the moment and one is already packed up! Flo was a sicky baby so I’m prepared for this one to be a sicky one too.
Drawer 2-


The 2nd drawer will have spare clothes. Just vests and the all in one suits. I’ve also put some spare socks and mitts in. It’s just pretty much for convenience. If I’m home on my own I don’t want ot have to run upstairs with a half naked baby! I also don’t want to be up and down the stairs if I’m sore.
Drawer 3-


This is a bit of a something or nothing drawer. For now it’s got the baby carrier in and a snowsuit in. New rules say the baby can’t be in a snowsuit in a car seat anymore but I intend on walking to places from my home so the baby will be able to go straight into the carrycot in his snowsuit or into the baby carrier. I don’t really want them hung up with the coats in case they get knocked off and trampled on!

I appreciate this isn’t a major development in getting things ready for the baby but I can’t do a lot at the minute because we don’t have the space yet and I don’t actually have everything I need yet. The stuff for the hospital bag will probably be sorted just after Christmas. I may do my hospital bag and the baby’s hospital bag in different posts as I feel it may be a lot of reading for them both to be on together!

Thanks for your time,

Amy x

Good Days, Bad Days


This is a bit of a tough one to write. It’s probably more tough because it’s such a huge taboo thing to talk about! It’s also a massively important one to talk about in my opinion, one I’ve dabbled in once or twice haha!!

So many people out there suffer from anxiety and depression. It’s very much a silent thing that so many live with. Some days it’ll be fine and you’ll be able to get up at 7am, have a productive day filled with chores you’ve been putting off for months, meet up with friends, do the weekly shop and generally just enjoy life. Other days you won’t be able to climb out of bed.. You’ll pretend you never heard the alarm and just lay there for as long as you can get away with. Even the thought of taking a shower fills you with dread. It’s ok to admit that it’s a bad day. It’s ok to reach out to someone close and let them know you don’t feel “well”. So often people don’t even notice you aren’t quite yourself and telling them the truth can make them more understanding. Some of us prefer to just be left alone for the day and others will prefer to have company all day. If you don’t say anything no one will know to offer help.

I am going to be totally honest and hope this help others out there. Recently I’ve had more bad days than good. I am a prime example of someone who’ll pretend everything is amazing and I’m fine. I hate to admit I need help and would prefer to struggle on. The thing is by doing this I get to a point where I am a zombie, I can’t function and I’m no good to anyone. I am very lucky to have someone as supportive as Mike but unfortunately he can’t be around 24/7. For me it’s the anxiety that I find crippling. I lay in bed from about 4am inventing things that I think will go wrong for the day. Yes ridiculous but that’s how it is! Driving to and from school is one of the things that really scares me. It’s something I am slowly overcoming though as I have no choice but to do it! I can’t decide I’m not going to be a parent that day. I’m also a pain for taking on other people’s problems as well as my own. I read far too deeply into everything and can take things very personally. It’ll plague me until I finally pluck up courage to talk to whoever I think I’ve offended. I hate to let anyone down. It’s important that if I’m helping someone out or working as part of a team I like to make sure everything I’ve done is perfect. If things slip away from me and I haven’t done the best job I could’ve done I feel like my world has ended. I made a mistake on Saturday which I feel let a lot of people down. Today I finally plucked up the courage to try and amend things but I must be honest I don’t feel better for it. Knowing I’ve let even one person down makes me feel like the world has come crashing down around me. So many have told me that it’s ok and I’m overreacting. In my busy little head I can’t switch off from it. I care too much about what people think.

We all have stuff that happens in our personal lives. I have a lot of stuff going on that would be unfair of me to broadcast to the world. It may even be unfair of me to share with anyone! It’s hard to go out into the big wide world sometimes and fully focus on what you need to focus on that day. It may be easy to, for a short while, focus on the bigger things that are effecting you so much. If you are having problems at work try and work on them before you take on anything else. If you are having problems at home focus on repairing things there first. It’s so easy to pretend everything is perfect when in fact you are screaming on the inside. It’s hard to prioritise things when you know it may hurt you a little more before things get better.

I’ve finally plucked up the nerve to sort my anxiety out once and for all. I know it’s going to be a tough journey but I am excited for a week or day without a panic attack! I am excited about focusing solely on my family and not this secret I have to hide from everyone which in turn makes me avoid the world! If you are struggling reach out for help. Find someone you can trust and get better :)

Thanks for reading,

Amy x

Beauty Advent Calendars


With Christmas fast approaching I thought I’d do something beauty related and Christmas related all into one!

If any of you are a regular beauty guru fan you may be fully aware of the stunning non chocolate advent calendars. Not all of them are for the whole 24/25 days but they are amazing non the less. This year I was determined to own at least one of them but as they come with a hefty price tag I decided to save it for next year. Even though I can’t have one I still had a look at them all and have chosen my favourites. If you want to see these being opened I can fully recommend MoreZoella vlogs. I can guarantee she’ll have a few of these! And if not these some very similar.

  1. No7 25 Days of Beauty Wonders Advent Calender available from Boots at £38- I can fully appreciate that £38 sounds like a lot of money but you get make up and skincare minis and I believe some even full sized for 25 days in December! I’ve read what it includes and it’s fantastic value!
  2. The Body Shop Beauty Advent Calendar available from The Body Shop for £60- Yes ok £60 is a lot! But I genuinely think that is a steal for all of these Body Shop products. We are all aware that Body Shop is not cheap! This contains quite a few full size products which nearly tally up to £60 themselves. This is available in some stores and also online.
  3. Candy Coated Advent Calendar available from Benefit for £60- Another pricey calendar but honestly if you break it down with the amount of products you get it’s a bargain! This one you get a gift for 24 days. This one also comes with little gifts hair bands and stationery. (with this one I believe they may be releasing a new one in the next couple of weeks)


These 3 were just a few of what is available but they are definitely my top picks! I am not sponsored and the pictures used are from the companies own websites!
Let me know which advent calendars you guys are eyeing up. Thanks for your time.
Amy x

29 Weeks


I’ve got to be completely honest with you. It is all feeling very surreal! My friend gave birth to a beautiful little boy on Tuesday and she was due exactly 2 months before me. I am totally over the moon for her, her family and the healthy little boy but its scared me. Everyone in the playground kept saying I was next! AH! My friend was at school yesterday to show us all her little man and I all over a sudden became over come with emotions! Everyone kept saying they expect me to be at school the day I give birth.. Um.. I was going to have a week off school duties haha! I may feel differently when he’s born and want to show him off but if we have the cold wet usual January weather I can’t imagine I’ll want too. I know most of them say it in jest but I am an over hormonal pregnant woman.

I saw the midwife this week. Baby is measuring bang on 28 weeks! I listened to the heartbeat which is my favourite part. She felt my tummy to see where the baby was positioned and I’m pretty sure at one point she had his head in her hand! She was so rough. He was a bit quiet that night. Think he was a bit traumatised by it. The next day he was kicking away with a vengeance though. She mentioned my Iron but said she wasn’t allowed to give me anything unless my levels were 105.. Mine are 108. She’s asked me to come back at 31 weeks instead of the 34 weeks just to make sure everything is ok. Although you have set weeks to see the midwife you, of course, can contact them before then. Hopefully seeing her a bit sooner will make time go faster. My patience is wearing thin now.

I was thinking about getting the pram in the house from 30 weeks but the more I look at my little house the more I realise I don’t have room for a pram and a Christmas tree haha! We currently have 5 trombones in our living room as well as a fish tank and the usual front room furniture. I am so excited about my pram. In case you wanted to have a sneak preview we’ve gone for the iCandy Peach All Terrain in Sneaker. We got it for an absolute bargain. All the accessories, car seat, chassis, car seat adaptors, seat unit, carrycot and rain cover for less than half its usual price! What else was a major selling point for us was we had supported a local business. Mike wanted something that we could take through the woods and not worry about it getting stuck.

I really don’t have a lot left to buy. I think I’ll end up bulk buying after Christmas. The babies hospital bag is packed and ready to go. Mine only needs a few bits. We’ve got everything important so if baby was to come early we’d be prepared. I’ve done a lot of breastfeeding research as this is possible what I’m most nervous about. I didn’t manage it with Flo and felt a lot of pressure. I think this time I’m just going to take a bit of time to establish breastfeeding before I start making ventures all over the place. I’m going to try my best to be a bit more relaxed about it. I know I’ll have a great support unit around me this time so I feel a bit more confident. I’m going to get a breast pump when I’ve managed to etasblish feeding just so I can allow Mike and the kids that special bonding time and also I can sleep! I will eventually have to return to band too but that’s all up in the air as to when I’ll go back.

We were supposed to be changing my car but I’m finding it really hard to part with my little Corsa. It’s been nothing but a pain but I love it. It’s really sentimental to me and it’s eating me up to have to say goodbye to her. I know it’s going to be tight with the 2 kids in the back with a car seat but I know someone who did it with no problems! Mike will be getting a new work van in December and we will no longer be able to travel in his van as a family as it’ll be for business use only. I chose the car seat that I know fits in my car. My friend has the same car seat and I looked after her little boy for her one day. My sister has the car seat slightly bigger from the same company and it fits but its a struggle to get it in the car.

We’ve started to ensure Henry doesn’t just jump up onto the sofa so when the baby comes he doesn’t just think it’s ok to jump up onto my lap but instead he has to be invited. I resorted our bedroom yesterday making sure there is as little clutter as possible. I feel like if I keep on top of everything now it’ll be easier when I’m 40 weeks pregnant! I also decided that the beginning of December I am going to bulk make meals that I can freeze. Like cottage pie, lasagne, stew, mac & cheese, spag bol and curry. I have so many lists I have a list to keep them all in order.

I’m really excited, although anxious, about the next few months. It’s a scary but exciting time. I can’t wait to show you all a bit more of the baby prep but right now it’s a bit all over the place. I’ll be doing a posts with pictures soon, including the pram, hospital bag, his crib and his drawers which all his current stuff will live in. I also want to show you the baby carrier I have but that might be easier when I have a baby to put into it!

Thanks for your time.

Amy x

Half Term


Well half term is over and I’m very sad about it. I loved having Flo at home. It was so busy but super amazing to spend some quality time with her. Now she’s at school I don’t feel like we see her that much anymore! She’s normally asleep by 6:30pm on a school day! We managed to cram a lot of stuff into a week. In all honesty I don’t know how we did it. The only thing we didn’t get to do was the baking and that was what I was most excited for. I haven’t had a day of baking for a long time.

The first day of the half term we actually did nothing. It was really lovely to just chill. We got all homework finished so they had the whole of the time off to enjoy rather than having any minute last minute rushing around. In the evening we went to a Trombone choir. I’m sure to many of you this sounds mind numbing but in my house we are all very musical. They were Trombone students at the Royal College of Music and they were under the direction of Bryon Fulcher who is one of the best Trombone players in the world! Who happens to come from Cornwall. Us adults enjoyed it and even the kids were mesmerised. It was phenomenal. Inspiring! On Sunday we ended up in Porthleven visiting family. We went to my mum’s first and Mike took the kids to Flambards to wear them out before we visited my Grandparents. I stayed at my mum’s as I was having one of those days were I was super uncomfortable. Monday was just me and Flo as Mike had to work and Thomas had to go back to his mum. Flo and I took this as the perfect opportunity to have a pyjama day and do absolutely nothing. I think I ended up spring cleaning as I got bored doing nothing! The Tuesday we had Rogue Theatre which was probably the highlight of the week for everyone! It was magical even if it was terrifying. It was done in the pitch black in the middle of the woods in the middle of no where. Mike had work on Wednesday and Thomas went to spend time with his Gran so Flo and I had another day where we could do something really girly, so, we went Christmas shopping!! WOO! I finished my Christmas shopping (Sorry) and we came home and I couldn’t resist the urge to wrap it all. I know I know.. I make myself sick too.. We went to watch a huge firework display in the evening and it was incredible. Thursday was very much a nothing day. I cleaned the house top to bottom while Flo played dress up and had music on. Mike and I had band that evening and Flo normally comes along on a Thursday so I knew she wouldn’t be cooped up all day. Friday I woke up with the most horrendous toothache so I spent the day feeling sorry for myself. We all headed to my Grans for tea and had the most amazing cheesy mash! Saturday was a hellishly busy day. Tom does football in the mornings nice and early. It was Mike’s sisters birthday as well so we went to see her. We ended up having to pop into one of Mike’s costumers to sort out an emergency. After that we popped into a £1 pasty day and took my grandparents some lunch. We were there until about 4. We always get fed so much cake at my Gran and Grandad’s. It was amazing haha! We had our Halloween party in the band room that night. Everyone went to so much effort and the hosts did such a good job. The kids partied until midnight. Sunday we met up with my brother and his wife and went for a nice walk around the old mine works across the road. That night we all had an early night! Exhausted. Monday was my last day with Flo before she went back to school so I let her choose what we did. She wanted to go to Pets at Home and have an ice cream from McDonalds. So that is what we did. After that we put our onesies on and watched a Christmas film. We’ve been listening to Christmas music since 1st November. Flo requested it while she had a shower. Who was I to say no?!

I can’t believe I’ve managed to fit in everything we did into a little space.. I must’ve missed out some details.. Oops!

I hope everyone had a great half term!

Amy x