27 Weeks


I’ve decided that I would do a weekly update from now on. Things will be a bit more exciting from here on out! I hope..

I’m now 27 weeks. Scaring me how fast time is going. I decided to start gathering stuff for hospital but it’s no where near ready. Still got a lot of bits to go and I have to wash all the baby things as well but won’t be doing that till beginning of January. I’m desperate to have the crib ready but I know it’s way to early. I’m also desperate to get the pram home! It’s in my Mum’s attic and every time we visit I stare up at the hatch wondering if I would get away with going up and playing with it! If I wasn’t such an elephant going up and down the ladder I probably would. Well I’d get away with it until everyone noticed I had vanished. We have pretty much everything we need but the breast pump and pads I won’t be getting till January. I’m hoping for vouchers for birthday/Christmas and I am saving all my Boots points haha!

Thankfully the heartburn has eased off again. It was getting to the point of being unbearable. I’d wake up in the night and feel like my chest is on fire. His movements sometimes take my breath away. If I’m walking and he decides to do a cartwheel it stops me in my tracks. I wouldn’t say it was painful but it is a bit uncomfortable. I can be lying in bed just about to nod off and all of a sudden I’ll let out a cry because he’s doing more gymnastics. I love it though! Blows my mind to think of this tiny human being inside of me moving around.

I’ve got to be totally honest, I’m struggling a bit with showing off my bump. So many people keep asking me if I’m actually pregnant, if I’m hiding the baby somewhere else or just telling me I have no bump and they can’t believe I’m as far gone as I say I am. It’s the kind of comments you don’t need to hear. Gives me bump envy when I see other Mum’s to be which is ridiculous. Body image is something I struggle with when I’m not pregnant so when it’s ok to have a big round belly and I don’t have one it makes me down. Someone said something to me today about my bump being non-existent and my very good friend gave me a reassuring pat on my teeny pot belly. It was this small gesture that made me smile. She made me feel 100 times better but I still don’t feel totally happy about the constant comments!

I had a Glucose Tolerance Test last week and all was fine. Because I have terrible veins they decided to take my bloods for the 28 week appointment at the same time. The GTT results were totally fine but it turns out I’m anaemic! I kind of expected it in all honesty. I’ve been feeling so tired and I find it possible to control. Even napping in the day and going to bed at 8pm wasn’t enough. I’ve also been getting really out of breath and struggling to breathe which, obviously, is frightening. It was on my list of things to tell the midwife but I discovered that it is another symptom of being anaemic! The lady I spoke to on the phone told me not to worry and my regular midwife would tell me the course of action we would have to take next week.

Next up is my emotions! As a lot you will be aware I struggle to control my emotions at the best of times let alone when pregnant!! I have felt very alone all through this pregnancy. It sounds silly but when I was having Flo it was all everyone wanted to talk about. Sometimes I even forget I’m pregnant and then I am riddled with guilt. What kind of mother forgets she’s pregnant?! I suppose because, according to the world, I don’t look pregnant other people forget I am too. I’ll get asked to do something that is a bit much and I have to play the ‘With Child Card’ My friend patting my tummy today is the first time anyone has really done anything like that. Obviously Mike will put his hand on my tummy at night time but never a random little reassuring pat. I feel very vulnerable at the moment and I hate being on my own all the time. I like to know I’ve always got someone to turn too even if it’s just a quick message. I know it’s easy for me because I work from home so I have to pull myself together. I am naturally protective anyway but I feel even more so right now and I want everyone around me to feel protective too. I feel on edge all the time and just need a solid influence around me. I’m sure I sound really selfish but this feeling won’t last forever!

I am so excited to meet this little one! Time is going so slow!

Thanks for your time.

Amy x



Halloween is one of those holidays that you either love or it really doesn’t bother you. Personally I’m not fussed by it. As a child I loved it! Eating as many sweets as I could before I vomited.. Amazing! As an adult having people knock on your door all night and wake up sleeping children and wind your yappy dog up not so fun. It made me fully appreciate how frightening it must have been for the elderly people in my hometown to have so many knocks in one night. My mum always told us to only knock on doors if the lights were on and they had a pumpkin outside. Basically anyone who wasn’t pretending to be out. I know a lot of people in my old village had signs from the police saying no to trick or treaters. It’s super important to respect that!

Flo is at an age where she loves Halloween! Not necessarily the trick or treating but the dressing up and the parties! We are a bit torn as to what to do on Halloween. We are going to a play in the woods on the 27th where the kids will dress up and they will have faces painted there. It’ll have fire and fairy lights. Absolute magic! I’m nervous because I am afraid of the dark and it’s at night time haha! I’m going to wedge myself between Mike and my friends. Obvs I’ll have the kids in the middle with me! The 28th we are going to a huge firework display at a theme park and you can trick or treat the staff. The kids are going to reuse the Halloween costumes from last year. I know this sounds super tight but if we want to do all these fun things we have to be sensible. One of the kids didn’t like this idea but we managed to explain that if one gets a new outfit they both do and if they both do one of the activities will have to be cancelled. With so many things happening over the next few months we have to make sure we budget well. It’s important the kids get to do all of these things, the costumes from last year are pristine as well!! For actual Halloween we’ve got 4 options and we can do 3 of them.

The options are-

  • £1 Pasty Day
  • Party in the woods making potions and autumnal crafts (daytime)
  • Party at Heartlands in the evening (this is pretty expensive in my opinion)
  • Party at our bandroom in the evening (FREE! And will have the rugby on)

We are undecided between the 2 evening things but still have a week or so to decide. I’d feel a lot safer being at the bandroom and having my bump. I’m always nervous I’ll get bumped into. And also the band are great if I need a seat or anything they’ll all get up or go and find me a spare chair. I think it’ll be better for the kids as well. They’ll have so much more freedom at the bandroom. Mike and I will know exactly where they are as well. No disappearing to the park at 9 pm haha! I think my friend is going with her little boy to the Heartlands party and I don’t want to miss out seeing them.. I go from having nothing to do to too many.

I’m desperate to do some baking with the kids as well. We went to ASDA a couple of weeks ago and I saw the most amazing baking stuff. I could’ve spent a fortune but I knew if we picked it up there and then it’d all be gone by half term. I think we’ll probably bake on the Monday and save a few to take to the play on the Tuesday. I’m going to make sure we take pictures if we manage to do any. Will write up a blog post and let you know recipes. Also saw a spooky gingerbread house in Morrisons that you build and decorate yourself. The kids tried to convince me to pick one up for a practice run. I wasn’t fooled!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you guys have planned for Halloween/Half Term.


Amy xx

Hospital Bag


I hope people don’t mind me doing a lot of pregnancy posts but at the moment my skin has been so bad I’ve hardly worn make up. I’ve also not purchased anything else beauty wise while I still have Christmas and a baby to buy for.

From having Flo I’ve kind of learned what I didn’t really need to take and what I definitely needed! I over packed last time and learnt my lesson when I had to move from hospital room to hopstial room with all of my luggage.

My hospital bag-

  • Maternity Notes- You have to have this! It has all the information a midwife could possibly want about you! Normally contains the birth plan.
  • Dressing Gown
  • Slipper socks- They encourage you to wonder around and slippers are by far the comfiest. Just make sure they have grippy bottoms.
  • Thick socks
  • Nightdress- I wore a nightie to give birth in. You obviously can’t wear trousers and the nightie for me gave me a nice bit of privacy ha!
  • Lipbalm- My lips got super dry from the gas and air! The lip balm was a saving grace!
  • Snacks/Drinks- Most hospitals have vending machines and a restaurant but they are expensive! And you also may not want your partner to keep wondering off.
  • Phone charger
  • Hairband and hairclips- You will get sweaty and you will won’t hair off your face and neck.
  • Pillow- Hospitals can be a bit tight with pillows. It also gave me a comfort from home.
  • Pyjamas trouser and a top- Just incase you have to stay in. You may not want to put the nightie on until you are ready to push either!
  • Big comfortable pants
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity pads
  • Comfy clothes to come home in
  • Black towel
  • Toiletries- 9 times out of 10 you will shower or bath before you come home. They sometimes encourage you to bath while in labour to help with pains. Minitures are best.
  • Change- for car park or any last minute snack
  • Nappy bags

Baby’s bag-

  • Nappies
  • Baby wipes
  • Cotton Wool- They suggest you only use cotton wool and water for the first couple of months
  • 3x Vests
  • 2x Sleepsuits
  • 4x Muslins
  • Hat
  • Mits
  • Socks
  • Blanket
  • Coming home outfit
  • Jacket

I will also have the car seat in the back of the car and possibly the frame that it sits on. Mike will be taking a bag as well. As far as I know he’ll be taking his laptop, spare pants, deodorant and spare socks. You can never be fully sure as to how long you’ll be in for. Your partner can always grab any extra bits you need but I like to know I’ve got it all and Mike won’t have to leave unnecessarily. The baby’s hospital bag will be his changing bag and I am going to borrow a little suitcase from someone. So much easier having it on wheels so I don’t have to lug a heavy holdall around.

Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything or have something I don’t need!


Thanks for your time

Amy x

23-26 Weeks Update


This pregnancy is flying by! It’s scaring me how fast it appears to be coming around. Got 2 band contests to get out of the way and then I’ll be able to fully concentrate on baby boy!

I am being plagued by heartburn.. The other night in bed I thought my chest was going to burst open from the pain! It actually felt like I was on fire. I ended up falling asleep at 3 am after taking the maximum amount of Rennie tablets and propping myself up. I never got it like this when I was carrying Flo so it was frightening. Mike wanted to help but it’s one of those things he can’t help with. Got to ride out the storm! The baby is super active at night time. Just as I’m getting ready to nod off he wakes up. Don’t get me wrong he’s pretty feisty all day but you don’t tend to mind so much when you yourself are on the move. Sometimes it feels like he’s doing roley poleys in there. People still can’t believe I’m nearly 26 weeks pregnant. A lot of the Mum’s at school just stare at me blankly and then have to work it out for themselves if I am in infact 26 weeks! My emotions are still pretty high. I struggle to not constantly cry. Even when I’m happy I cry like a baby! Band is beginning to be a challenge. Not just pyshically but emotionally. When you know you can do something well but you aren’t playing to your best potential because of crippling heartburn or a foot in the diaphragm it’s deflating. Don’t get me wrong the band people are super supportive but it’s a pressure I’ve put on myself. We have 2 contests coming up and I am nervous. Be such a huge relief to finish them off.

I haven’t really bought anything else or got anything else prepared. I’ve given myself a timeline of when to get things done. I’m going to enjoy half term with the kids, do the last contest and then I shall concentrate on prep!

My prep timeline is-

  • End of November-
    • Prepare hospital bag for me and baby.
    • Have a bag packed for Flo as best as I can. This will have 2 days worth of clothes, toiletries and any comforts I can pack in advance.
  • December-
    • Have everything ready for Christmas.
    • Wash all bedding and clothes for baby.
  • Beginning of January-
    • Collect pram and car seat from Mum’s.
    • Have crib ready.
    • Buy snacks/drinks for the hospital.
    • Get spare key to Mum.
    • Have frozen meals ready.
    • Big clean!
My gone into labour check list is-
  • Grab last minute bits for Flo- eg. uniform, ninja turtles fleece and hippo pillow
  • Get Henry’s crate, lead, harness and food ready
  • Grab Mike’s bag with his laptop, snacks/drinks, phone charger, spare pants, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant (you never know how long you’ll be in for)
  • Grab my last minute bits- eg. phone charger and snacks/drinks
  • Put car seat, bags, notes and iCandy frame into car
If Flo isn’t at school hopefully mum will be able to pick her up from home. Even if my mum isn’t I’m sure my step dad, brother or sister in law would be able to collect Flo and the dog! If she is at school I’ll make sure Flo and Henry’s stuff is somewhere obvious if it needs to be collected later on. I’m not sure what will happen if it happens late at night. I’m hoping it won’t happen super fast and I’ll have a chance to make sure Flo and Henry are sorted. If Tom is here we’ll be able to drop him back to his Mum’s on the way to the hospital but my mum lives no where the hospital! Its important for me to feel like everything is under control.
One thing I did want to show you all is the babies coming home outfit. I am so excited about it. We went as a family to look for items and everyone chose something.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the last few weeks haha!
Thanks for your time
Amy x

Fear of Driving

My name is Amy and I am afraid of driving.

It took me 4 years, 3 driving instructors and 2 theory test (the 1st on ran out!) to pass my test. I would be up all night the day before a driving lesson. I’d do everything in my power to get out of it. I realised it was getting ridiculous when I was a 21 year old who still had to ask her mum for a lift to Tesco! It took me a while to find a driving instructor who fully understood it was a fear of driving that made me not like it nothing else. My final instructor was the kindest man. He didn’t mind if I cried or swore and when I did something wrong he was very good about it. No screaming or shouting like my 1st instructor! He was a friend of my step dad so I felt like I knew he already. He never pushed me to do anything but was very good at convincing me I was more than capable! In turn his patience and skill meant I passed first time! WAHOO!! I dropped Flo to my grandparents house at 830 and off I went for my test. It was in the middle of summer and it was hellishly busy! He took me the worst possible route on horrible Cornish lanes but I got off lightly with a turn in the road, a manoeuvre that to this day will be my signature move! We got back to the test centre and my instructor was stood ready and waiting for the verdict. I parked up in the space and the examiner told me I had made a couple of minor mistakes but he knew it was down to nerves and that I was more than capable and on this occasion I had passed! I burst into tears and my driving instructor cheered for me! I was absolutely buzzing. I hadn’t told anyone apart from my grandparents I was doing the test and the suspense of waiting to tell everyone was killing me. I got back to the village and popped into the shop to buy Granny and Grandad some flowers to say thanks for all the help. I also picked some up for my mum and a chocolate bar for Flo! As I walked through the opening towards my grandparents I could see them in the window with Flo looking out for me! I lifted my arms and cheered for myself. They came bounding to the front door everyone cried and it was magical. We then decided to head up to see my mum who had no idea what was happening. When we got there my brother and his children had popped round too which was perfect. I let my grandparents go first and I hid the certificate behind my back. Walked in super cool and just handed my mum the certificate. More tears and more hugs. Everyone was fully aware of what a massive deal it was for me. I’d concurred the fear and I’d finally passed. To celebrate we went to Tesco and bought so much BBQ food you wouldn’t believe! My mum bought me a cake, flowers and a huge box of chocolates and we all until we were fit to burst. That night I walked home because I could not because I had too.

Even though this was 3 years ago the fear of being in charge of a car overwhelms me. It is irrational yes I know but I can’t help it. Driving Flo to and from school has been a real deal for me. I knew I had to do it, she needed to go to school! I’ve gotten so much better at containing the nerves. I kind of have no choice but to drive everywhere now. I have to be honest I won’t drive if I don’t have too. I fought a real fear of mine last week and I went on a bit of road that has been filling me with dread. Flo had cheerleaders and if I didn’t toughen up and take her she wouldn’t have been able to go! I’m sure to many of you I sound so so ridiculous. I find it a lot of pressure being behind the wheel of a car. Being in control of such a machine! Filling up with petrol was something I never could do. I had to ask someone to do it with me. Honestly I know, it’s bad but it’s something else I’ve worked on. Tonight I’m visiting my grandparents for tea and I know I have to get petrol else I won’t make it!! I have one of the worst roundabouts to get off of to get to the petrol so I’m giving myself plenty of time before I have to pick up Flo.

I can’t let this fear hold me back anymore. I am so determined to concur it once and for all. Not just for me but for Flo and Mike’s sanity! Sometimes it’s easy to let our fears consume us but it doesn’t have to rule us. When you finally achieve something you thought was impossible the sense of self-worth is overwhelming. It’ll blow your mind and you’ll get a real buzz that you’ll become addicted too. Obviously don’t do anything that’ll hurt you or anyone else! Tonight after I’ve done my driving I’m going to treat myself to something. It’ll probably be something small like putting my pyjamas on early or having a hot bubble bath but I’ll enjoy it all the same!

Let me know how you’ve concurred a fear.


Thanks for your time

Amy x

Another School Update


We are very close to half term now and I thought I would give an update on Flo’s progress at school. It’s been relatively bump free but I’ve got to be honest we’ve all struggled to get up this past week. The dark mornings are confusing everybody! Flo stayed at my mum’s and was telling me she thought it was morning because she didn’t feel tired anymore but it was dark so she thought it was night time and didn’t want to wake anyone up! She stayed in bed until someone heard her reading to herself. Little angel haha!

She’s made some really lovely friends. We are truly blessed she’s found some great children to spend her school life with. There is a group of 4 of them who all stick together. Flo was pushed over by someone and all of her friends scooped her off the floor and marched her to the teacher to tell! Hilarious! She also went flying in the playground before we head into the classroom and I saw them all help her off the floor and come and find me. I was already a set ahead so they didn’t need to carry her far. She does a cheerleading group with her friends after school on a Monday which is amazing. She never used to have the confidence to go off and do things without me before but we stroll into the building she takes her shoes off and she’s gone! In fact she loves it so much she cries when we leave..

We had her parents evening last week and I could’ve cried I was so proud. We all think our children are genius’ but when someone else tells you your child is clever it’s really special. She’s ahead for maths, handwriting, reading and social skills. She’s skipped the first level of books because they don’t want her to get bored. The first book she came home with was a breeze but this second one hasn’t been quite so easy. Her handwriting has been so good that she was writer of the week! An A4 size picture of her head was on the board for all to see. She also got called up in assembly and awarded a leaf for her handwriting to go on the beanstalk (basically instead of sending a certificate home the leaves go onto this beanstalk in the hall and stay there until it’s filled up. The whole of the infant side share it) I’m starting to think she’s better at maths than me as well! She was telling me about a hexagon and it’s been so long since I’ve even thought about names of shapes I googled it!! She points out ovals, squares and rectangles too. Amazing.

We had a bit of a blip yesterday but in all honesty I think it’s because she is exhausted. It doesn’t matter what time she goes to bed she is tired when she wakes up. She was an emotional wreck all morning and I ended up having to pick her up from school. She sat in her pyjamas all day and nodded on and off. As much as I liked the company I was gutted she’d such a bad morning. One of her best friends was sent home too which I don’t think help. It also meant she missed cheerleaders!

I count my blessings everyday that I have such an incredible little girl. Even though we’ve had a rocky year or so and her speech isn’t 100% yet she’s making phenomenal progress and is liked by her classmates! It blows my mind when she comes home and she tells me what she’s learnt. I have a lot of admiration for her teachers also. I am excited about half term and spending some quality time with both kids and Mike.

Hope everyone has a great day. Thanks for your time.

Amy x