This is one of those posts that will either get people super excited or make people dislike me a little! And I can completely understand those of you who do not enjoy Christmas and of course I respect those who do not celebrate Christmas. Now may be the time to stop reading..

I personally love Christmas. It is my all time favourite time of the year. It hasn’t always been in all honesty, I did fall out of love with it for a while, which gave me a whole new respect as to why not everyone loves it. It’s not only a time for spending time with loved ones but it also makes you think of those you’ve lost. It’s impossible not to remember them and in my opinion it’s important that you do! Last year I found it particularly hard and spent the day crying. I don’t need to go into great detail as I’m sure you will all know. I was lucky that Mike turned up in the afternoon and rescued me from my stuper! I also went completely OTT with presents last year but it was one of the things that really cheered me up. I absolutely love giving people presents. I am one of these people who puts a lot of thought into a gift. I love seeing peoples faces when they open them. Soppy eh? Mike and I won’t be giving each other presents this year as we have a lot of saving to do for the baby and Mike has a new van being made for pick up November time. All I want is some quality time with my family. My mum and step dad get a nice bit of time off over Christmas, my brother gets a week or so off and Mike’s family will get time off too.

I’ve already made a table of dates in November and December of all the Christmas things we have on! Yes mental aren’t I? In all honesty most of it is band dates and I wanted to make sure I made it fun for the kids as well instead of them being dragged from one band thing to the other! For security reasons I can’t show the table because it has addresses on and times and dates but I can give a list of the things on it.

  • Rogue Theatre- Possibly one of the most magical experiences ever!
  • Christmas Movie Night
  • Baking Day
  • Father Christmas Train Ride- This is a family tradition we’ve done since Flo and my nephew were born. What makes it extra special is we are supporting a local charity who are working hard to get an old railway line back up and running. My grandparents used to pass each other notes on this railway line between trains while on the way to work/college and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy.
  • Christmas Lights Tour- Last year Mike took me on a date. I was still suffering really badly with anxiety and didn’t fancy being surrounded by crowds of people. So Mike being the sweetest man on the planet bought a bottle of diet coke and a pack of pink donuts and we went on a walk and then a tour of the Christmas lights! This year we’ll do this with the kids and keep it as a tradition from then on.
  • Putting the tree up!
  • Carolling and concerts with the band.

The kids don’t break up till fairly late this year and most weekends are full up. As soon as they are off school I’m going to fill it with Christmas fun! Christmas for myself and Mike is for the kids. We have so much band stuff happening in December I’m trying to find a good balance for everyone. I’m contemplating throwing a little Christmas party for the kids and their friends but it’ll all depend on how uncomfortable I am 8 months pregnant.

Every family has traditions they do over Christmas. For me and mine it’s been the same forever. On Christmas Eve we have tea with my grandparents, cold meats, salad and chips although I’m not sure if this will happen this year as my grandparents are getting older the big crowds of people, preparation and cleaning up is getting tougher. I’d love to do it as my house but my home is no where near big enough for 20 people to fit into! Christmas Day is going to be slightly different this year, I’ve never actually had a Christmas dinner in my own house! Mike and I will work together to make our own lunch for the first time! I’m normally at my mum’s so this is a bit alien. We didn’t want to upset anyone by choosing one family over the other. We may go visiting in the morning but I can’t imagine we will have time. I’m hoping people might visit us as I will be huge! We’ve decided to start a family tradition of a Christmas Day game contest. We’ll play board games and who ever is the winner over all will win a trophy and a little prize. I expect for the first couple of years I’ll have to be on Flo’s team but I don’t mind. Better chance of winning ha ha! Boxing day will be lunch at my mum’s. Mike is going to rugby all day which he has done forever so I’ll drop him to rugby and head to Mum’s with the kids. I’m going to take our pyjamas and let the kids pick a couple of toys to take and sit in front of the fire all day eating yummy food! On the way home I will probably pick up a very intoxicated other half. The 27th is my birthday and also Mike’s birthday! It’s his 30th this year and my 24th so I think it’s probably fair I make it his special day more than mine. I’m planning on doing a special breakfast for everyone and we are hoping to go out for a lunch somewhere. It’s a super expensive time for everyone so we will extend an invitation to anyone who can make it but won’t be offended if no one can. In the evening I’d like to put my pyjamas on and eat cheese and Christmas cake or birthday. For those who can’t make lunch they may end up popping over in the evening and that’s fine as long as they don’t mind be being in my pyjamas.

I hope this post hasn’t bored you too much. I am just so flipping excited! I’d love to know what traditions you guys have each year.

Thanks for your time!

Amy x

20-23 Week Update


Just as I was beginning to enjoy being pregnant and was developing that glow I fall ill!! Typical haha! I have a mild kidney infection but it just makes me feel so blah. It won’t be around long fingers crossed and I’ll be able to crack on and do everything I said I was going to do before October. Mike and I had a huge sort out at home and got loads of stuff done last weekend. I was having a good couple of days and decided to just do it while I could! We also picked up the crib and a few other bits from my friends house and Mike has stuff to pick up later from his sister. We’ve been totally spoilt by friends and family. It’s insane! Feeling very lucky. I have also bought a couple of bits just to make it seem a bit more real. With Flo I had to buy everything new and it really made time fly as I had a constant panic of what stuff I needed to pick up. I won’t be packing the hospital until about 30 weeks. This will make sure over Christmas I am totally prepared for anything. We have a lot of band concerts over the Christmas period and it’s always super busy with schools around Christmas. It’ll be nice to know I am ready to go if needed!

So for the actual updates-

  • I’ve been getting Braxton Hicks. I can’t say they are overly painful but they aren’t comfortable! I never experienced them with Flo so it was a bit alien to start with.
  • We’ve decided on a name thank goodness but we’ve decided to keep it to ourselves until baby is born.
  • I keep getting random waves of fear about labour and birth. I know I’ve done it before but not every birth is the same. I’m nervous about the aftermath as well. I know what is going to happen I don’t think it’ll be PING back to normal haha! We’ve come to the mutual decision to be a bit limiting with who visits for the first 2 weeks. It’ll take all of us a little while to adapt to having a new baby and it’s only fair the kids are allowed as much time as possible to bond with their little brother. We’ll only be allowing close family and friends over. Mike may have to pop out and do the odd job so I’ll be glad of company while he’s at work and the kids are at school. My mum has always booked time off after any of us have had babies so she’s around if needed. I’ll probably be glad of her to help with the school run in the mornings. And to help with the washing! I must say I am super excited to walk Flo to school with her new little brother (and Thomas obviously when he’s over) I suffered with baby blues very very badly last time and I’m determined not to allow it to get too much. Mike is great though and I know he’ll be super supportive.
  • The baby is 28cm from crown to heel! AH! Isn’t that scary?! I can feel him doing cartwheels and somersaults most of the day. His favourite times of the day are as I’m about to fall asleep and about 5am. I watch my belly and see ripples which blows my mind even more!
  • I am starting to get a little uncomfortable at band. I don’t want to have to dip out before Christmas so I’m taking it easy. I find I can’t take as much breath as needed and run out super fast. I can no way match Mike’s sound. I used to give it a good go but I’ve admitted defeat. We’ve got 2 contests and a big concert coming up and I am adamant that I will be doing those before I even think of dipping out. I will be doing as much carolling as I can. I’ve tried to prep the other Trombone player already but he probably won’t be around!
  • I’m kind of running out of things to get ready or sort out. I’m waiting for a bag of clothes from Mike’s sister and I am super excited about that.
  • We don’t see the Midwife until 28 weeks but have talked about what we’d like to do about the birth. We are going to try and ask if we can use the local Birth Centre. We did discuss a homebirth but we just don’t have the space. I’d love to try a water birth and my local hospital doesn’t have the facilities to do them.
  • My appetite is coming back!! YES! I’ve got to be careful now though because if my BMI goes up too much I’ll have no choice as to where I give birth.
  • The heartburn is unreal! I lie down at bedtime and it honestly feels like my chest is on fire! Superdrug own brand Indigestion Relief Tablets have been a life savour.
  • I love eggs. Just can’t get enough of them! I have to limit myself to 2 a day and it’s so hard.
  • I am still getting used to the baby being a boy. I’m scared I don’t know what to do with a boy. I have nephews but I think I’ve only changed their nappies 4 times maybe? Tom wasn’t in my life until he was a lot older so I’ve really no idea what I’m doing. Mike keeps reassuring me it’ll come naturally and deep down I know it will. My friends all have boys and they keep telling me that boys are super loving and easy going. In all honesty Flo was the easiest baby so I’m not 100% it has anything to do with being boy or girl.

At the moment things are changing really slowly but from about 28 weeks things change rapidly. I’ll be able to get proper bump pictures soon as well. Is anyone else on the baby journey too? Love to know how you’ve been finding it all.

Thank you for your time!

Amy x

18-20 Weeks


Today is going to be another pregnancy update! I appreciate it’s not to everyone’s taste but I hope it’s still an interesting read. I must be honest not a lot has changed. I’m still struggling to find enough to write about to do a separate post every week. I’ve reached the halfway point now. AH! And the biggest bit of news to report is we are expecting a little baby.. BOY!! I must admit it was a complete shock. For some reason I was adamant I was only capable of having girls. The 20 week scan is just mind blowing. We saw the kidneys, bladder, chambers of the heart, cord, stomach and every part of the part! She was telling me what she could see and I nodded and smiled politely but in all honesty I had no idea. The baby was a complete fidget. Kept doing cartwheels and made it really hard to get a photo but she managed it. At one point he had his legs above his head. I ordered a few baby bits after the scan just as a bit of a pep up because Mike was going away for a few days and I just wanted to cry and how overwhelming it all is on his shoulder! Nothing I order was particularly boyish but it was stuff we need. Mike is ordering the crib tonight as well and we’ve decided on Sunday we are going to sort the storage out for baby and start putting things away. I’m not going to wash anything just yet but I want to know that we’ve definitely got enough. Most of my friends have boys and Mike’s sister has boys so we are, fingers crossed, going to be set for the next 3 years!


A lot of other pregnant woman on the Babycentre birth month group are saying how much it’s dragged but for me I’ve felt the time has flown by. It’s scaring me a bit how fast things are going. We still haven’t bought a lot of stuff but Mike’s sister and one of my childhood friends have sorted through some of their baby stuff for us to have and my mum is stocking up as well for us so I’m sure we’ll be ok. Mike’s mum was over recently and asked if she could buy us something as a gift which was super kind and we have asked for a crib. For the time being we are going to have to stay in our rented home and space is a tad limited. I can’t wait to get the crib set up! Just makes it feel more real. We’ve got the pram and car seat so at least we can get the baby home and the baby has somewhere to sleep! I’m still in that awkward stage where people don’t know if I’ve gained weight or I’m pregnant and no one wants to ask. I’m so excited about having my bump. I keep hoping I’ll wake up one morning and be huge. My sister was one of those people who had nothing and then suddenly POW! bump! Sometimes it doesn’t feel real. It’s all a bit crazy to think I’m growing a human inside me!


  • Mike and Flo have both felt the baby. Some days it takes my breath away because the movements are so intense! It’s about 26cm now.
  • Flo makes sure she kisses it goodnight every evening which makes me melt. I think Mike’s son will be a little more interested when we know the sex of the baby and it’s a boy. Flo wants girl and he wants boy.. One of them will be disappointed but it can’t be helped. As long as it’s healthy I’m ok with the gender!
  • I’ve managed to not faint for a week! I came close to it in Tesco but managed to catch the symptoms before it happened.
  • We finally did the Facebook announcement and Mike loved the fact he was super popular for the night haha! It was nice that finally the brass band we both play in were aware because they were starting to get concerned about my weak bladder. Everyone was super kind and I feel like a queen now!
  • We had a midwife appointment last week. It was over and done with in about 10 minutes! Checked my blood pressure which was fine. We got to listen to the heartbeat though which was magic. The midwife is lovely and she let Flo help her to it. Baby was moving so much at first she struggled to find the heartbeat.
  • My emotions are even higher now! I’m an emotional wreck. I find myself crying over the most ridiculous things. I burst into tears the other day because I wanted to help Mike with his invoices! Total nutter!
  • I still wee like a racehorse!
  • I’m finding it very hard to be away from Mike. I feel a lot safer when I’m with him but as he works all over the place for work I can’t be with him 24/7! It’s really hard to explain to him why I’m such a needy nuisance at the minute but I feel I need help protecting the baby.

Now Flo has started school I’ve been able to start getting organised I’ve emptied a cupboard ready to transfer some books into from a linen draws set. The plan is everything for baby will go into the black draws apart from possibly bedding which will live with all other baby. I managed to pull out some of Flo’s old unisex baby stuff the other day and sorted it into piles to be washed. I’ll probably wash a lot of the hand me downs as well. Not because my friends like in pig stys but purely because a lot of it was in attics being stored. I have a lot of her girly clothes left as well but won’t be sorting those till next week when we find out the sex of the baby. The next few months are going to be really busy with school, band and helping Mike out at work but I will definitely be making time everyday even if it’s only for an hour to ensure we are prepared. Also Mike’s work calms down in Winter so I’ll have him to help with baby stuff and school stuff too!

Thank you for your time!

Amy x


Big School


I mentioned on Thursday that Flo would be starting big school! I was unsure if I would do a follow up post or not but I decided it would be nice for me to look back on even if no one else was interested haha! I’ve started this post Thursday morning and will add to it over the next couple of days ready for publishing on Monday so it’ll be a slightly different format.

Thursday Morning-

I woke up at 6:45am to give myself a bit of a chance to get my bearings! I am not a morning person at all. I went into the kids bedroom and opened the curtains just to make the 7am wake up call a bit less of a shock. I came downstairs and took the dog out and gave him his breakfast. As I started the kids breakfasts I heard Flo shouting to me “Mummy my alarm went off! It made me jump. It’s super funny” Who finds an alarm funny?! Especially at 7am! She had a yoghurt, orange juice and Weetabix to eat. We went upstairs to get dressed and brush hair. It’s really important that Flo’s hair is up for school because, as I’m sure any other Mummy’s and Daddy’s of children of school age will know, nits are always around at school! She got dressed super quick which I wasn’t expecting so we were ready really early. She kept telling me how excited she was and she couldn’t wait to make new friends. We left the house at 810. We won’t leave this early all the time but Mike had a job to do quickly first. As we pulled up to park she let out a little squeal! She was so eager to get down to the playground. As we stood waiting to be allowed in Flo was very quiet. I started to get little pangs of nerves for her. I got really teary but managed to compose myself before she turned to talk to me again. Turns out she was quiet because she was sussing out who she wanted her new best friend to be! At 5 to 9 the bell went and the kids were allowed in. Unfortunately Flo is a bit of a soft touch and just everyone push her out the way. At first she just ran on without me but I caught up with her to ensure she actually made it without being scat over! We went into her classroom and put everything on her peg. She led the way the whole time. Unfortunately a couple of Mum’s were completely obnoxious. Desperate to push their child to the front and desperate to get to the teacher to tell them how sad they were their babies were growing up! In the chaos Flo got a knock from the same lady twice. She was fine about it but I was a bit upset. She was trying to get to me for a kiss which she did manage in the end bless her. As I left the room she smiled and waved, chewed her fingers and found a spot on the carpet. I was so proud of my Princess. Taking it all in her stride. I know everyday won’t be so easy but it certainly made the first day more bearable! I can’t wait to hear all about her day!

Thursday Afternoon-

I left home at about 240pm. I don’t really have to leave until about 10 to but I was super eager to go and get her! I also got lost going through Mike’s shortcut from the car park so good job I did leave ample time! I got a parking permit to save being a part of the carnage at the other end. It’s about a 10 minute walk but I thought with a new baby in January I won’t want to be messing around on a road getting everyone out! They let the parents into the small playground at about 315, it was absolute carnage, it’s a huge school and we all had to line up by the door and the children were passed out one by one. When she came out she was a mess ha-ha! Her tie was around her neck not her shirt collar, her skirt was rolled over at the waist, her socks had fallen into her boots and her shirt wasn’t tucked in. She’d obviously had a good day! She realised she’d forgotten her picture so she ran back to get it. It was of her and her brother and it was the sweetest thing! When I asked her what she’d done she couldn’t stop talking. She made 2 new friends but couldn’t remember their names, they’d “done maths”, the teacher read a really funny story, she did some sticking and cutting out! Unfortunately she didn’t like the roast beef they served at lunch or the custard so she ended up having just a bowl of grapes. She devoured her tea in about 10 minutes including pudding! She ended up in bed at 615 because she was so tired. I was so so proud of her. She came out like a little grown. Her speech was fluent, her manners were good and she had a great time. She did tell me she cried when she lost her drink but she found it and felt a bit silly she’d cried!

Friday Morning-

I expected this morning to be really hard work. I got up with my 6:45am and started to get myself ready. I heard her alarm go off at 7am and asked Mike just to go in and check she was waking up with it while I finished off getting ready. When I came out of the bathroom I went into her room and she was still in bed! I was ready to wake her again but she jumped out at me laughing in my face! So much energy for so early in the morning. Nutter! She didn’t fancy much breakfast but did have a yoghurt and some orange juice. After food she got dressed and we did her hair (one of my favourite things about having a daughter) We left home about 815. We had such a lovely walk from the car park, she was full of beans and laughing. When we got to school she was a bit quiet and I was getting a bit worried. I started talking to her about her fish and chip lunch, one of her all time top meals, and she soon perked up. She was also looking forward to seeing her step brother at the end of the day. We lined up to go in at 8:55am after being allowed into the small playground. Today was a bit different, the kids were dropped at the door and had to sort themselves out. A pang of nerves came over me! Flo walked in the door said goodbye gave me the biggest wettest kiss and off she went! I did have to call her back because she’d dropped her hairband but by this point she was already in her grown up I’m at school mode. What a silly Mummy I am for worrying. As I walked away I noticed she was just stood by the door watching everyone. Taking it all in. Totally in her element. She was hoping to do PE today so I’m looking forward to picking her up and finding out if they got to do it.

Friday Afternoon-

On Fridays I get to pick up both kids. Flo gets upset if we don’t pick up Tom as well so it makes for an easier trip back to the car! I was early as usual but it meant I got to catch my breath from my trek half way across town. The bell went off and we all queued up to get the children. When I got to the door Flo was sat very patiently waiting. When she spotted me she came bounding over! Saddled up with all her stuff in her arms rather than putting it in her bag. I was told she’d been good all day and off we went. As we walked down the path to meet Tom I noticed Flo had an awful mark on her face. I asked her what had happened and she was really casual about the fact she’d face planted the floor! She then showed me her bruised and bloodied knees! I was a little peeved I hadn’t been told but I understand it’s a bit hard to chat to every single parent. We went to meet Tom and headed back to the car. We also had success at lunchtime today. It was fish and chips which is one of Flo’s favourites! On the journey home Tom told me he had homework and asked if I could help him, so as soon as we got in the kids got dressed and we did the maths (AH!) homework. We ended up having a takeaway that night as a kind of reward for the kids being so great at school.

Over the weekend Flo was super tired. She was emotional about everything but it was too bad. I was kind of expecting it! She woke up Monday morning with ease and was looking forward to the day ahead. When I picked her up she was sat with her “new bestest friend ever” and was laden with sheets of paper. They had been set homework!! I couldn’t believe it. And we also had a note to let us know that reading books would start coming home soon. It’s so grown up learning to read. I’m just as excited as she is for the journey. She’s still desperate to do PE but I heard the teacher telling another parent that it would be done on Friday. Fingers crossed she carries on loving school. I am so proud of her and how well she’s doing.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the post. I know it’s a long one but hopefully it’ll still be an interesting read.

Thanks for your time.

Amy x

No Time Make up Routine


Now the school term has started I’m back into a bit more of a hectic routine. I get up at 645 but I have the dog to take out and feed before I can really sort everyone’s breakfast and start getting myself ready. Some days I won’t even bother to put make up on but there will be days where I am popping to Tesco or an appointment or meeting a friend and I want something on to hide the big bags under my eyes from lack of sleep! I don’t use a lot of products but I’ve found that this works perfectly for me.



I use the Collection Last Perfection Concealer as my base. I put it anywhere there is a blemish and under my eyes. I use it to cover any unwanted redness as well. A little of this product goes a long way. It’s so easy to buff in as well so you don’t end up looking like you’ve got an inch of make up on. Next I set it with the Soap and Glory Kick Ass powder. I don’t tend to do much with my eyes. I just put a bit of MAC All That Glitters over my lids. After that I use my Maybelline Browdrama Sculpting Mascara to tame my brows. Last step is my BareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara. Always curl my lashes first. I always have some kind of lipbalm in my bag so I’ll use that through the day.

Short and sweet post today. Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know the products you go to for a super quick super easy make up look.

Thank you for your time!

Amy x


Flo Starting Big School


My little Princess is starting her new big school today (this is a scheduled post, I’ve not woken up at 6am to write it) It wasn’t the school I had initially wanted her to go too but after moving out of my hometown I had to put her in a school appropriate to our area. I’ve got mixed emotions about it and decided to do a little bit of a different post. Possibly to make myself better but also to share with any other parent whose about to go through the same my feelings and hopefully making them feel slightly less irrational.

Starting a new school is scary, going to school for the first time is scary.. Being the parent of a 4 year old whose about to start school is scary! My Flo is about the embark on the most exciting, crazy, tiring and sometimes even uneasy journey of her life. It’s hard to not let this protective Mummy side of me keep her home with me and home-school her but I know deep down she is a child who’d rather be with other kids. As much as she loves me she loves other children too.

For the last 2 weeks I’ve made sure we are prepped and eager. I’ve started the school night time routine. This obviously won’t suit every child but as Flo is known to have a minimum of 12 hours every night I’ve tried to ensure she’s not going to be over tired.

  • 5:30pm – Teatime
  • 6:00pm – Bath or shower (depends if we wash her hair or not)
  • 6:15pm – Pyjamas on
  • 6:30pm – Book
  • 6:45pm – Kiss goodnight and I get her uniform ready in the room
  • 7 am – 7:30am – Wake up!
  • 8:20am – GO GO GO!!

It’s the most basic routine but its working for us so far. Flo is a very smart child but just like anyone else she’s useless if she’s tired.

She’s pretty excited about it all. She wants everyone to be her best friend. She is over the moon about being able to read and joining the choir! I’m chuffed for her that she’s buzzing about it. I loved school and was very academic. For me primary school were some of my best years. I cannot wait for Flo to have the experiences of making best friends, winning awards, learning to read, taking part in plays and shows and sports day! I know she’ll have the tougher experiences as well, like losing best friends, encountering your first bully and that first (AND LAST) time you get told off for being too chatty with your friend in assembly. For all of those times it’ll make her a little tougher and when she needs me I’ll be there.

I’m worried I’ll be the over obnoxious mother who is always at school complaining. I’m going to have to reign in the protective side of me a little. I know I’ll struggle to drop her off every morning. She’s been with me nearly 24/7 for the past 4 years and a half years. Mummy’s little best friend. Don’t get me wrong I know she needs school and I am well aware I sound crazy haha! I’ve made sure she’s not seen my over emotional outbursts about it. The other night I woke my partner up at 3am because I was freaking out about it. I’ve shared my good memories with Flo about my school days and I feel this has really helped. Her being at school full time will make me treasure weekends, half terms and summer holidays a little more now.

I may do an update on how she finds her first few days. Will just depend on the ease of everyone adjusting. I am not a good morning person. It’s where Flo gets it from!

Please let me know if you have any great ideas of making the transition that bit easier. Also I’d love to know I’m not the only crazy mum or dad out there!

Thanks for your time!

Amy x

Favourite Eyeliner


Another favourites post! I’ve mentioned this product a lot before as it genuinely is my all time fav! It’s the Soap and Glory Supercat Liquid Black Eyeliner Pen. It is, in my opinion, the easiest liquid eyeliner I have ever used and I have used a lot!! It’s basically a pen. Like a really simple felt tip that you just draw on your eyelids with. The staying power is great and I’ve not had any product transfer. It’s pretty quick drying which is great! Even though it has a great staying power it is easy to remove. I don’t use anything expensive to take it off, just a bog standard Micellar water. Another great thing about this product is the price tag. In Boots its retailing for £6! They also have a deal on as I type this for buy one get second half price. As fair as I can tell they only have it in black. I know this won’t suit everyone but it’s a flipping great product. Mine has nearly run out but this is yet another product I will repurchase!


Let me know if you have a rival eyeliner to this. I’m willing to give it a go!

Thanks for your time.

Amy x