My Favourite Lipstick


I have never been a lipstick lover. I normally wear a gloss or a balm! But when I was browsing in my nearest Boots about 4 years ago I came across the Revlon Lip Butters. My sister had one and a couple of bloggers I had been following were raving about them. I tried every colour on my hand but I didn’t fall in love with any of them. Just as I was about to give up I came across the most gorgeous pink. With one stroke it looked as though it would just enhance my natural lip colour. With 2 strokes It was a strong (but not fluorescent)  pink that would enhance any look! This is a product I have repurchased and will repurchase for as long as I can. If Revlon discontinue it I will be devastated. Not only is it a beautiful colour it is also moisturising and has a good staying power. Lip Butter aren’t going to stay on all day due to the consistency but it gives it a good go!! At the moment it’s retailing for £7.99 in Boots. They also have 2 Revlon products for £10 at the moment. I can’t tell you how long this is on for but they normally always have good deals. Superdrug has it for the same price and also have the same deal!

Revlon Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie



Let me know your favourite lipstick!

Thank you for your time.

Amy x

Week 15-18


From week 15 I started to right notes every week of changes and new feelings I was experiencing. Week 15 I realised was fairly dull in progress so I waited until week 16 to see if I could write a little more. I eventually came to the conclusion for these first 20 weeks I probably wouldn’t be able to say something new every week! Ive ended up clumping together these last few weeks so I could write a substantional bit more.

So where to get started!! I’ve been listing things in my notebook in bullet points in good stuff and the not so amazing stuff.

  • I wee 4 times a night- This isn’t an exaggeration! Normally twice before I’ve even fallen asleep haha!
  • My dreams are crazy- Ive always been a bit of a nuts dreamer but lately I struggle to tell whats happened in real life and dreams. I was angry at my partner the other week because in my dream he’d had an affair!
  • I cry at everything- Whether I’m happy or sad I’m crying. It’s making social situations very awkward. But funnily enough we went to watch fireworks, which is a trigger when not pregnant, and I didn’t shed a single tear.
  • Banging headaches- As a long time sufferer this isn’t anything I can’t handle but pregnancy headaches makes me fuzzy.
  • Dizziness- I have always been a fainter. Since about 11 I’ve been a fainter. I can normally myself out of it but with pregnancy it’s near impossible. It just hits me harder and faster. I know not everyone has this, but I think having low pressure in the first place doesn’t help. Story time! I was in a shop with my daughter last week and I was queueing to pay for some hairclips and I could feel myself getting a sweat on. First I get a sweat on my top lip and 2nd my ears go. By the time I got to the checkout (the super kind lady spotted I was suffering and she opened up a till for me) I was nearly deaf and I was struggling to see. As I tried to count out my money I started to lose feeling in my hands! I must’ve looked drunk. I quickly paid. Shouted thank you, I couldn’t tell how loud I was but judging by the looks on peoples faces I was loud, and started to head back to the car, I couldn’t stay in a straight line! Flo was begging for an ice cream but I just knew if I didn’t sit down I’d go down like a sack! As a stumbled down the hill I spotted Mike! PHEW! I gave him my handful of change and asked him to take Flo to get an ice cream. I sat in the car put my head in between my legs and about 10 minutes later I was ok. Mike came back with ice cream but I just felt exhausted!
  • Movements- This is one of the most magical experiences in pregnancy. First thing in the morning when I’m eating breakfast and when I’ve settled into bed are the babies most active times. Last night Mike for to feel the baby for the first time. It’s an incredible thought knowing you are growing a life in your tummy!! It felt like the baby was doing cartwheels last night! Crazy.
  • Bump- I have finally started to develop a lovely bump. I didn’t start off particularly skinny so I never anticipated the size of my bump so early on. We were ready to announce it last week but we lost the badge I’d ordered for my daughter to wear. It’s kind of fun seeing how long it takes people to notice. Some people I see twice a week have no clue. A lady at an outdoor theatre show last night who I’d never met before noticed and helped my over a bale of hay!
  • Flo is excited- It’s blowing her mind that a baby lives in my tummy. It’s such an alien concept and she’s a bit cross she has to wait for so long but with Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night and started big girl school before hand she has a few things to look forward too first.
  • Hormonal skin- Some days my skin is super soft and flawless. The next I am covered in spots!

I’ve got a midwife appointment on Wednesday and I’m really hoping I will be able to listen to the babies heartbeat. I’ve got a list of questions ready for the midwife (who is lovely) although I’ve had a baby I haven’t had a baby in this area. I was also induced with Flo so I’m interested in the thought of a homebirth! I know the pain relief I want. I’m open to anything if things start to go wrong though. I’m fully aware that sometimes you just have to listen to whoever is in charge and do best thing for baby.

Last things I’ve got to say is please don’t be scared by any of this. It’s such a small price to pay for the feeling of giving life.  It does seem frightening. Surround yourself with positive people. Enjoy this magical experience. Look after yourself! Don’t do what I did and read the wrong kind of blogs! I will not mention names but I found one and I’m pretty sure she was trying to put people off being a mother.

Whether you are having the baby yourself, you are adopting, you have a surrogate or you are a partner/relative I hope this gives you an insight into pregnancy.


Thank you for your time!

Amy x



Please excuse spelling mistakes. My baby brain is my excuse. Or the lack of sleep!

“No Make Up” Make Up


The “No Make Up”  Make Up look has been around forever but just recently it’s been made very popular by many beauty gurus. For me you can’t achieve the look without pretty much no make up. I’ve seen so many Youtubers who do the tutorial and I’m astounded by how many products they use! I appreciate that everyone is different and in no way say they are wrong. They may think I am totally wrong. And that’s OK.. I don’t mind haha!!

To start off I make sure my face is cleansed, toned and most importantly moisturised. Like any make up look a great base is the best start. I either use my Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream or my Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser. After this I take my Collection Concealer in Light Medium 2 (this is a little dark for me normally but my face is lovely and tanned at the moment so I can just about get away with it) I put this on any blemishes or dark cirlces I want to cover. I take my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and “push” it into my skin. After this I set it in place with my Soap and Glory Kick Ass Re-touch Powder. Once I’ve set the concealer I like to lightly sweep powder over my whole face to take away any shine. This powder is also great for toning down redness. For my eyes I use MAC All That Glitters all over the lid and I use Clinque High Impact Mascara, of course curling my lashes first. I use my favourite every eyebrow product, Maybelline Browdrama in Dark Blonde and that’s it for eyes! I take a tiny bit my Soap and Glory Glow All Out highlither and sweep it across my cheeks. On my lips I use my trusty Carmex Lip Balm Tube. That’s it! Easy peasy!

This is a look I’ll use if I know I’ll have to go outside and face the world at some point but I don’t fancy doing a whole face of make up. Or sometimes if I have things to do in the day but an event in the evening I won’t a bit of a heavier look for but it wouldn’t be appropriate all day long.

Let me know what you guys use for your “No Make Up” Make Up Looks!


Thanks for your time.

Amy x

My Favourite Vloggers/Bloggers


I am a bit of a social media fiend. I am very nosey and I love seeing what other peoples homes are like, what skincare/makeup they use, how they manage working from home and so on! I’m also all about reading reviews before I purchase anything so if I’m looking at investing in some different make up or skincare I will trail blogs. It’s also great for learning about new releases, as most bloggers don’t have to say they like something unless they genuinely do.

For Bloggers I’ve got 2 old favourites ( including a vlogger/blogger) and a newer page for me-

Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up- Anna has been a blogger I have followed for years. She gives a great mix of high end and drugstore make up. Her honest reviews and amazing photos including things like swatches either inspire me or let me know a product isn’t for me. She’s great at letting readers know if a product has been a let down. It’s never bashing a company or a person it’s just her experience.

Ruth Crilly from The Uphill- This is Ruth’s blog all about pregnancy and her newborn baby. She also has a beauty blog but for me the stuff is always totally out of my price range! I admire Ruth for sharing her story and sharing it so well. Her posts are honest without being offensive and her latest entry on the her own essentials for breastfeeding has been an incredible help and slightly scary truth!

Fleur from Fleur De Force/FleurDeVlog- I have watched Fleur from day 1. From her showing us her MUA haul to her purchasing her first huge incredible beautiful home! Someone who deserves every success. Her dedication to both her blog and her vlog continue to wow me! And I love to watch her family days at home where she’s just like me. Surrounds herself with good people, her beautiful pets and amazing food! I’ve purchased so many things on recommendation from Fleur and have not been disappointed. Someone who loves stars as much as me is nearly always a winner!

My all time favourite vlogger has got to be Zoe Sugg from Zoella- I feel like I can relate to Zoe in so many ways (minus the brand new mini, huge £1million house and successful career ) On a daily basis she struggles with anxiety but hasn’t let that be a taboo. She shows you an insight into her life which if I’m honest sometimes gives me little pangs of jealously. I love seeing her beautiful home and her funny moments with her gorgeous Pug. I love being a tour of Brighton and seeing all the amazing food I miss out on haha!!


Let me know which Vloggers/Bloggers you guys enjoy to watch.


Thanks for your time!

Amy x

Big Announcement!!!

Ah! Hello!

After about a 100 tries at writing this post THIS IS IT!

Me and my partner are expecting a baby! We are absolutely over the moon. It was a very nerve wracking first 12 weeks but we had a scan, at what we thought was 12+6 days but turned out to be 13+6, and in the words of the Sonographer baby was perfect! Wooohooo!! Huge sigh of relief. So many people have had their dates put back so I was so so happy that we’d been moved forward. The baby is due January 23rd which thankfully gives us a bit of time after the Christmas rush to get everything ready for baby. We don’t find out for about another 6ish weeks if its a blue or a pink but will be finding out for sure if we can! Both sets of families are super happy for us and everyone is very excited to have another baby around.

As I type this I am 15+2 and I feel huge already! They always say you show quicker with the 2nd. The morning sickness has finally stopped. I was lucky that I was never sick but I just spent all day gagging at anything and everything! I ended up losing weight in the beginning. Initially I thought I had a stomach bug! The tiredness is still full on. Most days I nod off in the afternoon. Unfortunately I’m up for a wee 4 times in the night which doesn’t help with the fatigue! I feel relatively ok. I’m an emotional wreck but physically I seem to be doing well SO FAR. Occasional headache but they are bearable. Marching in a brass band has been a challenge as well. I’ve found my whole pelvis aches for a couple of days. It’s just a fast paced walk up a huge hill so it’s probably good exercise (let me know if I’m wrong) The last few days I’ve felt little bubbles in my tummy which I’m sure are the baby. It’s normally just as I’m going to sleep I’ll get a little reminder that baby is there. Today we went and put a deposit on the pram!! Possibly one of the most exciting purchases of the whole 9 months. We decided on the iCandy Peach All-Terrain in Sneaker. My partner enjoys running and we live in the middle of the countryside so a hardy pram is a must! Most of the other purchases will be done a lot closer to the time. We need to have a good clear out in the house and get really prepared but no point doing it yet, else it’ll be full again by the time baby is born! I am a little nervous about labour if I’m honest but I know I’ve got a great birthing partner by my side. Even thinking of a home birth!

I’m going to try my best to keep a weekly dairy of pregnancy and if I’m feeling brave enough I may even include bump pictures!


Thank you for your time!

Amy x