My Favourite App


I recently purchased an iPhone. I had one a few years ago but was convinced to go against iPhone and try something new. Yes I loved my Sony but it broke 3 times!!! I have lots of Apps on my phone for Flo but didn’t have a lot for myself so I did a bit of searching. Downloaded a couple of surgery games and things like Pinterest but nothing that really filled the gap on my phone for a game I’d want to play regularly.. Obsessively!


“Criminal Case”

I was watching TV one evening and an advert for a crime game where you solved bloody murders popped up and it was free to download, PERFECT! I got it straight away and after playing for only 10 minutes I was hooked. It’s one of those where you need to refill on energy but this suits me because otherwise I waste too much time. It is definitely not for kids! It’s not overly gorey but it’s not pleasant. As an adult I didn’t find it distressing (much haha) You have to earn stars at crime scenes and with these stars you talk to suspects and you can examine evidence. The stars aren’t hard to earn but you feel like you’ve worked for them which makes its more fun for me. So far I haven’t needed to make any in App purchases but you have the option too. You get “Happy Hour” with added boosts and hints. And sometimes even suspects will award you with gifts! For a free game I was really impressed! Even if I’d paid £1.99 I’d be happy!

What Apps do you enjoy?

Thank you for your time

Amy x


Book Review


Bit of a different one today. I thought I’d do a book review. The book I decided to write about was one I purchased a little while ago but is one I could read over and over again. In my opinion you know its a good one if it can make you laugh and cry all in one!

“Me Before You – Jojo Meyes”

This is a book that will get you thinking. It makes you put yourself in the situation, even asking other people what they would do! Tested my morals in a lot of ways and I learnt a lot about others! I had fallen so madly in love with the main 2 characters I needed to see how it all worked out. The author did really well to have me wanting more from the first page. I couldn’t put it down! I cried with them all I laughed with them all. At points I even convinced myself I could feel the same pain and even love they did. I admire the fact that Jojo Meyes made me that way! I was captivated. I loved it so much I made all of my friends and family read it so we could talk about it haha! I could relate to the female lead so well. I kept having to remind myself I am not her. It’s romantic yes, it’s gushy in places yes but it’s also dark and at times it’s heart breaking and shocking. It’s a real all rounder.

I haven’t been paid to say any of this and I wouldn’t need to be because this is my all time favourite book. I don’t want to give too much away on the plot but it is definitely one that will not be to every ones taste. It’s a subject that has caused a lot of controversy over the last few years with Coronation Street even doing a story about it (HINT HINT) I just don’t want someone to get a horrible shock.

Let me know your favourite books guys!

Thank you for your time!

Amy x


Where have I been?!


Unfortunately this is another grovelling post filled with apologises!

Yes I am the worst blogger in history and I cannot apologise enough for that. I have been having a few personal issues which I will explain a little bit further on but I’m hoping they are finally sorted. I’ve got lots and lots and lots of scheduled posts to go up over the next month or 2 and a very special blog that I can’t feature until next Friday! Woo cryptic 😉 we all love it when bloggers do that!

Right to explain myself. For many years I have been someone who has suffered with anxiety. Since I was very little I have worried about everything. I worried at the end of school my mum wouldn’t come and pick me up, every time I heard a siren I was convinced that it was someone from my family, when the phone rang I thought someone had died. It was something that got worse before it got better. By the age of 13 I’d finally grown out of it and I was finally sorting myself out. I was a massive pain at school which I deeply regret but I managed to stop worrying at least! After school I decided to go straight into work. I looked after elderly people with Dementia and it was when I started work here the worrying and anxiety started again. It was always in my mind I had a lot of responsibilities for a 16 year old. Don’t get me wrong I loved my job and cared massively for the people I looked after but it was also the home stuff that worried me. Bills, family life and my biggest problem of learning to drive! When I was 17 we had 2 massive traumas in the family, which I don’t need to go into as it affected all of my family not just me, in the space of 6 months. I am naturally protective. I always have been and always will be. I became overly protective of everyone. I eventually left my job as they made it really hard for me to continue working for them. This ended in more anxiety as I was still paying for things I could no longer afford!! Luckily a great Mum and an ex boyfriend helped me out massively. In the May after my 18th birthday I fell pregnant with my beautiful little Flo. The start of my pregnancy was horrendous. I had a lot of problems with my ex in-laws who were less than pleased. In the end I cut them out. OOPS 😉 I worried the whole way through my pregnancy that something would happen to my little one. I would quite often tag along with my mum to her work at a Doctors Surgery and get the female Dr to listen to my tummy, yes I am also obsessive. Flo was born on the 5th March and I struggled at first. Emotions are high after having a baby but I soon settled into life as a mum. Over the next few years I would have little spells of anxiety but I got better at controlling it all. But in October last year I had experienced heartbreak like I’d never felt before. My life came crashing down around me and I just lost it. It was decided I’d stay with my mum for a little bit longer just while I got over the heartache and sorted my head out. The anxiety came back aggressive! I was adamant something was going to happen to Flo. I had nightmares I was dying. Eventually I stopped sleeping and stopped eating. I lost 3 stone in 6 weeks (I’m big so please don’t worry) I admitted defeat and finally got help. I went to my local GP who referred me to CBT. It was also suggested I take sleeping pills and anti-depressants just while I waited for the therapy. I was bumped to the top of the list started therapy a week before Christmas. It would’ve been super hard if I hadn’t reached out so I’m glad I did. My birthday is the 27th so I wanted to be able to enjoy my day. Things definitely got better from then on. I met Mike and fell deeply in love. I started playing in a band again, this for me was a safe haven, somewhere I could go and know I was safe and I was good at it! The next few months were a dream. We went on holiday to Center Parcs and I had a slight relapse. I found it hard being away from home and my car blew up on the motorway in Scotland!!! Thank goodness Mike is so level headed. I was more worried about the kids in the back of the car then my actual car, which by the way is a 2007 Corsa so I did not expect it to blow up!! It took a few days after the holiday to sort myself out again but I soon felt on top of the world. Me and Mike decided it would be better if we moved in together rather than me finding my own home and a few months later us finding one together. Anxiety started to peak again. I was 25 minutes from home and began to feel very left out of everything. Yes I can drive but already being a nervous driving my car blowing up on the motorway didn’t help that problem! Most days I am absolutely fine but just recently after an old friend reared their ugly head I’ve been a bit all over the place. My blog unfortunately had to take a backseat so I could concentrate on my family.

Anxiety is something lots of people live with. A lot of people live with it and suffer in silence. It’s so much easier to deal with something if you can talk about it. You don’t need to tell the world but tell someone you trust 100%. I told Mike so it made living with me easier. So now when I don’t feel like going on a hike and just want a day of movies he understands I’m not being a lazy so and so and I just need a day of calm and chilling. I’m going to make sure I have lots of posts ready so I don’t have to abandon my blog again. I am sorry for being so badly organised. Not my character at all. I’m a firm believer in not letting things consume you, this time I let myself down and won’t be doing that again!

If you have any great recommendations on how to deal with anxiety I’d love to know.

Thank you for your time!

Amy x