My Favourite Bubble Bath

I know I have been really slack but there has been a lot of stuff going on in my personal life which has kept me busy! Things will be back to normal from now on!
Today I decided to do a post all about my favourite bubble bath! Yes I can imagine you are all wondering how I could write a whole post about a bubble bath. But I assure you I can 😉 haha!


It’s the Radox Sleep Easy bubble bath. It contains Camomile and jasmine and smells absolutely devine. As soon as you pour it into the hot water it lets off this aroma that instantly mellows you out. It creates amazing bubbles as well so you get the added luxury of lying in a mountain of bubbles!
After lying in a bath of this stuff I feel so relaxed. My top tip is having clean sheets ready on the bed and clean pyjamas ready to put on. Especially if you’ve had one of those days! Obviously doing this every time you had a bath it would get expensive. Not only do you want to feel relaxed after a bath but you want to feel fresh and clean. In fact for me it’s really important! And you definitely do after chilling in a tub of stunning bubble bath for half an hour (sometimes I’ll have a longer bath, depends on how long the hot water lasts in the tank)
There is something really special about a bubble bath costing £1.50 and coming out of it feeling like a million dollars. I must admit I bulk bought about 5 of these when they were in the sale! It was a panic buy really because I was scared it was being discontinued.. Excessive much?

Let me know which bubble bath is your favourite! Willing to try out another. Thanks for your time.

Amy x