My Dream


I am so sorry for the missing post and this late post!! Its half term and I’ve also not been 100%.. I’ve finally pulled my finger out and I’m back to it! Todays post is a bit of a different one. It’s something I do when it’s 3am and I can’t sleep. I’ll pull out my iPhone and I plan my dream make up bag. Just a set of items for an everyday look. The really expensive stuff I would have to save up for years for or win the lottery for!!


Foundation- After watching nearly every beauty guru on YouTube for many years I settled on the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation. Obviously I don’t know which colour but I would for sure do it properly and get matched. This is about the £30 mark but I can imagine it’s for sure worth it!

Concealer- This was a tricky one. I will forever love my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but after a bit of searching I found the luxe alternative.. MAC Pro Longwear Concealer. Again I’d be matched professionally for this. This is about £17 so really is a cheaper Luxe product compared to others. Don’t get me wrong its still luxurious!

Powder- This was easy for me. I have watched Pixiwoo use this a lot and I drool every time. Clinique Blended Face Powder won hands down! Its about £23 so not totally blowing the budget!

Blush- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Finish. I don’t even need to big this up. Find a video of someone using any of the Hourglass blushes and you’ll understand! I found this for about £28!

Bronzer and Highlighter- This particular product is possibly one of the most sort out products in the beauty world ever! It’s the Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and glow. It combines the highlighter and sculpting bronzer in one beautiful compact. This is roughly £49.. WOW!

Mascara- Another easy one for me. Its got to be Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes. I haven’t found this on a British site yet but its $21. FleurDeForce convinced me (with little force) to buy this!

Eyebrow products- As you may already know I am not one for taking any extra time with my brows so this was a hard one. I ended up choosing a product which was basically a more expensive version of my cheaper eyebrow mascara! I chose the Benefit Gimme Brow at £18.50.

Eye shadow- I am an eye shadow addict. I have far too many but I just can’t not pick them up. I had to choose a palette so I would have lots of choice on a daily basis. Urban Decay Naked 3 won. It was a toss up between 2 and 3. I’d be happy with either! This is £38ish.

Eyeliner- Again I was swayed by numerous YouTube beauty gurus! I am easily led but I think for this great product that’s ok. It’s the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner and the Smudge Stick at £13 each.

Eye Shadow Primer- Doubled up on brands which I didn’t want to do but I couldn’t not match the eye shadow with the primer! The Urban Decay Eye Shadow Potion Primer at £16.

Setting Spray- I was trying not to double up on brands let alone triple it but this, as well as the eye shadow primer is a cult classic.. And well deserved classics! The Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray at £21!

Primer- Illamasqua was one of the first brands I ever really followed every single collection of. It for me was the most luxurious brand going! I had to honour them in some way for helping me love make up like I do so I decided to include the Hydra Veil. Another amazing product any great make up artist is bound to recommend! This is £30!

Lipstick- A product I have drooled over forever :) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Shine Lipstick in Pink in Confidence from £26 (ouch)

Lip Gloss- My mum purchased this and I’d sneak wear it when I was about 19 haha! It’s Estée Lauder Pure Color Gloss from £18.50.

For brushes I would have all of the Real Techniques Bold Metals! I will forever love them. And eyelash curlers I’d choose Shu Uemura ones at about £20. And after months of searching I found the perfect make up bag only it to be out of stock and never ever return! It was the Paul and Joe make up Filofax! Please someone help me find it!

I appreciate not all of these products cost the world but for me they are my dream. Let me know your dream make up bag!! Thanks for your time.

Amy x


I appologise about the late post but we had a big bank holiday party today and I wanted to take pictures from it for the blog today. Well of the special pudding I’d made haha!!

For this I used:
– Half a packet of digestive
– Half a stick of butter
– 150ml Whipping cream
– 1 tin of Carnation Caramel
– Choclate to decorate
– 1tbs Icing sugar
– 2 just ripe bananas (just because I prefer the taste)

1) Crush the digestives, in the dish you are going to use to serve it in, while you melt the butter.
2) When the butter has melted pore it over the crushed biscuits and mix it all together. When evenly mixed compress it down and flatten it. Leave it in the fridge to set while you whip the cream. I add a tablespoon of icing sugar just for that added bit of indulgence but you don’t have too.
3) Once you have whipped the cream you need to take the biscuit back out the fridge and layer sliced bits of banana over the top evenly. I then take a spoon and add an even dollop of caramel in each corner. Spread it over evenly and then place a layer of cream on top.
4) To serve it I grate chocolate over the top. I tend to allow guests to serve it up themselves but today I regretted that after it went before everyone got a piece oops!


This is a super easy recipe and I even get the kids involved sometimes! It’s also cheap to make. Most of the ingredients are store cupboard essentials.

Thank you for your time! Share any of your recipes in the comments. I love a good pudding!

Amy x

Purple Lipstick

Bit of a strange one today! It’s about a new love of mine. I was out and about with my 4 year old a couple of days ago and she had been begging me to buy her a purple lipstick for weeks so when we found one for £1 I finally caved! When we got back to the car we had to wait for about 15 minutes while my partner did a job. Flo asked me if I’d like to try it and I declined at first and then thought why not!! It’d be funny when my partner comes back and my lips are bright purple. But I kid you not I applied it and just fell in love! It smelt like the old orange tiny Polos and the pay off was great! I took a picture and sent it to my 2 best friends and told them I genuinely love the purple lipstick look and they both agreed. I kept it on for the rest of the day and got so many compliments and also lots of “wow you are brave” It was from the range Make Up Revolution and is in the colour Deprived! My partner laughed and said “I bet you blog this” oh yes I am hahaha!

This is a little picture that I sent to my best friends. I’m looking concerned because I was concentrating to take a good picture in a moving van!



Let me know if you guys would wear such a bold lipstick! Thanks for your time.

Amy x



I’ve never been great when it comes to maintaining my brows. I do it all myself to save money and time but this tends to make me lazy with them. It began to become frustrating when I was doing my make up for an event and would realise my eyebrows were totally out of control! I needed to pull my finger out and keep on top of it. So every Sunday I now sit down, normally evening, and do my brows. As I’ve mentioned before I am no professional. I had to find a way to do it without making and absolute pigs ear out of it. So I’m willing to share my secret with you guys… I draw the desired shape on and pluck around it! I’m sure I’m not the only person who does this but it’s such a simple easy trick! I like to make sure they are as symmetrical as possible. I quite often get complemented on my eyebrows. Sometimes I’ll let them completely grow out and change the shape up a bit. I googled the right shape eyebrow for my shape of face to ensure I didn’t look like a clown! I’ll even brush all the hairs up and trim them if things get a bit too unruly but I wouldn’t suggest this unless you were 100% confident. I found a video on Youtube of a lady showing her eyebrow routine. I’ll try to find it but I haven’t been able to find it since I first watched it. I probably typed in something like “How to pluck your own eyebrows” or “How to maintain your eyebrows”

Because I was starting to look after my brows a bit better I decided I needed to find a great eyebrow product to add to my everyday make up routine. I don’t have the patience to fill my brows in everyday and I’m very lucky they are full and all there so it’s a bit unnessecary. For ages I searched for a eyebrow mascara. One day I was watching TV and an advert popped up with exactly what I was looking for! I was bored of using clear mascaras and the brown and black ones were too dark for me and tended to clump up. The product on the advert was a Maybelline Browdrama Sculpting Brow Mascara. It comes in 4 shades which in my opinion is substantial for all brow colours. I purchased this in Superdrug and I can no longer see it there but it is in Boots. I’m not sure if they’ve had a bit of a mix up because the one I’ve got is Dark Blond but the same colour on is Deep Blond. It is so easy to use and an absolute bargain! It really does do all I need. It adds a subtle bit of colour and helps to keep my brows in place all day.


Brow 1 is the brow I have put the sculpting mascara onto. It looks like it has a proper shape to it and looks tame! I don’t have a full face of make up so the brows haven’t lost any colour from having foundation run through them but I can assure you this is great for getting a bit of depth back into them. I just feel brow 1 looks like a proper brow shape. Almost like I’ve spent 10 minutes adding little hairs!

I’ve seen a lot of people either saying they aren’t sure of the shape of the brush or they just outright hate it. Personally I love it. The rounder fatter end of the brush helps with the fuller part of the brow and will pick up any stragglers, while the thinner end is perfect for the thinner part of the brow! For an eyebrow beginner like me this product is perfect!


I never knew I had so much to say about eyebrows! I recommend this product to anyone. Whether you are an eyebrow beginner or an eyebrow pro looking for a quicker fix. Let me know which brow products you can’t live without. Thanks for your time.

Amy x

My Favourite Brand


This was a really difficult decision for me. I was really torn between 2 but I realised I had a lot more varied products from my number 1 brand! I’m not sure if you could guess it or not by now but.. Its got to be Soap and Glory! Not only do I adore the skincare but I also love the make up. I use the shower products and the body butter everyday and part of my shower/bath routine and I use at least 2 of their products in my everyday make up!

I first discover Soap and Glory when I was watching a video from FleurDeForce talking about the One Heck of a Blot Powder and the Glow All Out highlighter. Naturally I had to purchase them when one of my all time favourite bloggers said I should haha! The One Heck of a Blot was incredible. Helped keep my make up in place all day and stop any unwanted shine. Unfortunately I dropped in and smashed it to pieces. I was gutted! After that I decided to give the Kick Ass touch up powder a go. Another gem of a find! I wont go on too much as I’ve already talked about it before. The eye shadow quads and the liquid eye liner  for me are their winning make up products!!

After using the Flake Away and the Clean On Me in the shower I use the Righteous Butter on my skin when I get out. It smells divine. I smell it on my skin all day. It not only smells incredible but it leaves my skin feeling super soft.

I will for sure be slowly purchasing the whole range! Please check it out. Let me know which Soap and Glory products I should bump to the top of the list and those maybe to avoid to save disappointment. Thank you for your time!

Amy x




I showed you all recently my favourite base I go to on a regular basis. It’s the GOSH BB Cream. I eyed this product up for ages before I eventually purchased it. I’ve used GOSH for Bronzers, Primers, Eye Brow kits and Brushes before but never used a foundation from them. I bought this when it was offer. It was the final push I needed. I purchased it a little while ago and completely forgot about it in all honesty! I pulled it out and totally fell in love with it.


This is an all in one beauty. I have very sensitive skin and was concerned I would react to this but so far (3 months later ish) I am yet to have a bad break out. It offers a light coverage and I’d say you could possibly build it up to a medium but in all honesty I wouldn’t reach for a BB Cream if I wanted full coverage.

A before of my face gives you insight into how red I actually go. I was sceptical about putting my bare spotty skin up, the camera does me a lot of favours thanks goodness and also I knew I wouldn’t be able to show off this great product without it so here we go!

IMG_0289 No filters

And the after shows you the natural all over that I desired. I use the shade 01 Sand. Its pretty light but I don’t tan a lot even in summer so this is fine for me. I use the GOSH Bronzer in Natural Glow all over to make me look like I have a heart beat still 😉 Yes I am naturally very pale. When the redness has gone I am almost transparent. I also occasionally will take the product onto my ring finger and apply like a concealer. For this this works amazing. I really prefer a wetter concealer.

IMG_0290 No filter and taken in the same lighting.


This GOSH product has made me want to try so much more from them. I cannot recommend this enough. No I haven’t been paid to say all these nice things and yes I would like to be 😉 Let me know what GOSH products you guys enjoy. Thanks for your time.

Amy x

My Shower Heros


I apologise that this post is late. I currently have a 4 year old with a stomach bug to contend with! I had it at the beginning of the week but managed to orgainise myself a bit easier. She’s ok but I want to make sure I’m able to stop what ever I’m doing to be by her side if she needs me!

This post is about the products I use consistently and will end up repurchasing if I haven’t already. Obviously I don’t wash my hair everyday but all the other products I use everyday. I am a creature of habbit and I like to have a signature smell. I’m sure a lot of girls and woman smell like Soap and Glory but it’s one of those scents that when you smell it on someone or someone smells it on you there is that smile and nod of a “yes we smell fricking amazing”



St Ives Apricot Scrub- I have already declared my love for this product. I still love it.

Garnier Deep Pore Unclogging Gel Wash- Another product I’ve written about that I still love!

L’Oreal Elvive Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner- I have always used Tresemme but I found it started to make my head itch! I chose this one because I started to get a bit conscious that my natural thick hair was starting to thin. So far this product is amazing. Definitely given my hair and my ego a boost! It also smells amazing.

Soap and Glory Clean On Me- This is a really culty product but that is because it is flipping amazing! It leave my skin feeling soft and the smell last for hours. You can really lather this one up and it feels super luxurious.

Soap and Glory Flake Away- We all know how important it is to exfoliate our skin after shaving to save any ingrown hairs appearing. This product does everything I want it to do and smells incredible. My skin is left feeling super soft and smelling great.


Sorry again guys its a bit of a shorter post but I hope it’s been of some help! Let me know which are your everyday go to products. See if we have similar taste :) Thanks for your time.


Amy x


My Boy


In my about me I mentioned I have a pug. And you would’ve seen him in the Tehidy photo I took recently. I thought I should introduce him properly. My boy Henry. He has been the best company. I spend a loattention 24/7 and unfortun t of time on my own and always have done but this little one has been a constant for me for the past 4 years. He was born July 26th 2011 and I took him home September 22nd. The first few months with him were hard work, he needed attention 24/7 and unfortunately my older Pug Lucy passed away.



My boy as a puppy. He’d never sleep in my bed but I’d bring him up in the morning for an hour everyday after his morning wee. He malts a fair bit so I made sure he was on a fleece.


This boy loves being near the warms!! He gets very cold very fast.


This is Henry in his winter jumper and scarf. People laugh when they see him in a jumper but he genuinely gets cold.


The kids love Henry. He is the softest dog in the world and just gets on with it all. Been blessed with such a good tempered dog. I appreciate any dog can snap so of course we never allow things to go too far.


Not only is he the softest dog but he is the neediest dog. It saddens me when I see people buy Pugs knowing they can’t be with them as much as these little dogs crave.


Pugs aren’t always ugly!


I do my best to take Henry wherever I go. I’m lucky that my partner works in the kind of business I can tag along for the day and not only take the kids but also take the dog. We have a crate for him in the boot of my car that we put him in. He feels safer in here and I don’t end up covered in excited dog slobber.


Even in the Summer he will do his best to find a sun spot.


My boy :) He’s for sure a lap dog.


Let me know if you guys have any pets. I love animals. I’ve had snakes, lizards, hamsters, rabbits, fish, gerbils and even stick insects.. Thanks for your time!

Amy x

Stay in Place Quick Make Up


Today I had 2 band concerts in one day. I have always been a massive band geek and always will be! I needed to ensure that my make up would last all day and wasn’t anything over the top. I also am a bit insecure with how bright red I go so I needed to something that would give me confidence. I honestly glow red all the time. I’m easily embarresed haha!


Today’s make up includes:-

  • Base- GOSH BB Cream in Sand, Soap and Glory Kick Ass Powder, GOSH Bronzer in Natural Glow and Soap and Glory Glow All Out. It’s a pretty simple base. The BB Cream when buffed all over is a great light coverage but the days where I don’t want a heavy coverage concealer I get a bit of the product and dab it on with my ring finger. Its really important to set it really well when using it this way.
  • Eyes- MAC Eye shadows in All That Glitters and Vanilla, BareMINERALS Flawless Defintion Mascara in black and Maybelline Browdrama Sculpting Brow Mascara in dark blond. I tend to miss out eyeliner because where we play is normally hot and my eyes always water! I take a bit of the All That Glitters and put it along the outer lash line. I put the Vanilla in the inner corner to make me look more awake!
  • Lips- Because I was going to be playing Trombone I couldn’t wear any lipstick. I didn’t want to be tasting it the whole time or wasting it so I used the Carmex lip balm before even applying my base.
  • Tools- Real Techniques Blush Brush, Expert Face Brush, Contour Brush, Detailer Brush, Shading Brush, A MAC 217 and a Body Shop Lash and Brow brush. I also used my Superdrug Eyelash Curlers.


All That Glitters is a pretty hard eye shadow to photograph! It’s a very neutral shimmer.

This isn’t just a look I’d use for band, I’d also use it for the days where I’ll probably just do the school run or pop to the supermarket and I want something on my face but minimal effort. Let me know your go to products for a quick but will stay in place kind of look. Thanks for your time.


Amy x

Make Time For You


Some days we all just want a break. And that’s ok. As long as you aren’t letting anyone down or hurting anyone take some time out for you. We all need time to get sit and think. Or to not have to think at all. We all do it in a different way.
For me I like to sit in a bath for as long as my hot water lasts. I do it when it is dark and will only have the bathroom lit by candles. I do this when little one is in bed. Otherwise she climbs she climbs in too!
I don’t always like to be on my own. I normally prefer to be around my family.
My favourite thing to do with my family is to have a shower (clearly on my own contradicting myself much?!) I pamper myself do the whole shebang and I’ll put fresh pyjamas on and will go downstairs turn all the lights out and eat junk food and watch Netflix. It’s so simple but just having that quiet time with my loved ones is enough for me. I’m very lucky to have a very supportive and I make sure that I’m there if he ever has a day where he wants alone time or the whole shebang!

Let me know what you guys do when you need a bit of time to yourself or a bit of cheering up. Thanks for your time.

Amy x